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Censorship / Digital Book Burning

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4 minutes ago, Fluke said:

Hearing David Ickes just been banned from twitter.


Yeah, looks like it might just be temporary.


2 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:
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YouTube removes Alex Jones Tim Pool podcast for “harassment and bullying”


I was going to say we're scewed when they keep censoring milquetoast content, but it was the Gates bit that did it apparently.


'Pool tweeted that it was “literally one second out of 4 hours that got the episode pulled” and suggested that the episode was taken down because of comments Jones made when discussing investor Bill Gates’ past statements on “death panels” (panels that decide whether elderly or terminal patients should be given medical care).'

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Now in Paris.


Protesters gather outside the French National Assembly building in Paris on Tuesday, November 17, to protest against the so-called 'Global Security' bill being proposed in France. The bill would make it illegal to disseminate images in which police officers or gendarmes can be personally identified, and has been criticised by activists and journalists, who state it would present a danger to press freedom. The bill is expected to be discussed at the French National Assembly starting on Tuesday. The Yellow Vest movement, which began as a grassroots citizen protest in November 2018 and quickly spread across mainland France, has also called for a protest at the same location, on the occasion of the movement’s second anniversary.




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This is a good run down on the future of other platforms and the desperate need for competitors as sillicoln valley gains an ever growing monopoly on us. 


I still think Bitchute is a good platform and have considered donating but progress like sorting their search feature out and little twigs don't seem to be improving. Having said that I am not a content creator.


And I understand the they are in some sort of legal battle with j lawyers. 


I have a gab account somewhere but honestly the social media style doesn't appeal to me anymore. Not sure I might look at Parler. 



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