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Censorship / Digital Book Burning

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COVID-19: Health workers face online abuse for encouraging vaccination

Those representing doctors and nurses want solidarity in calling out the "aggressive and unreasonable behaviour of a small minority".

  Wednesday 4 August 2021 08:04, UK


"Twitter should be a safe space for doctors to speak up about the importance of vaccination but all we have got back is a wall of abuse.



Why should it be. ?

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Plenty more stories just like those --- always linking the "hate"  and the "conspiracy theories"  to YouTube above all other Internet sources. Now we can't have all those people running around doing hate crimes and believing that the Earth is flat now, can we? Ms. Wojcicki thus had her pretext to act -- and act she did. When it comes to alternative viewpoints, JewTube is now a shell of its former self -- it's biggest channels now belonging to MSM giants, who already had massive TV, radio & Internet platforms!
Susan Wojcicki's Bolshevik censorship of YouTube was enabled by a rash of false-flag vandalism at Jewish cemeteries and the sudden proliferation of manipulative "Flat Earth" psyop videos, mainly by the mysterious Eric Dubay.
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