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Censorship / Digital Book Burning

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4 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:



Another one of my favourite accounts gone. We can't keep living like this. Too many things that I have shared on this forum have been nuked. The truth fears no investigation, you parasitical monsters. Leave my people alone.

they will bottomout with their censorship and it will backfire.....


they are aware they can`t censor all so they delete accounts/info,when you start a new one your "posting history" is gone 

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I really don't like we are heading as a culture. I really don't like what the youngsters at least the ones i see online the ones i meet in real life seem smarter at least than my generation. 


I was just scrolling through a football forum before bed to take my mind off the real world and someone used the term "rape" instead of "beating the opposition or defeat. Some user responded complaining and members that have been there for years took to their defence saying "yes its unnaceptable". 


I don't personally like that word and it is a bit retarded to use it in that context but people have for years and i don't think i have ever confronted someone over a word. "How would you feel if you was raped". Well its insensitive and you probably wouldn't use it if you knew someone was involved but the evidence shows if you try and shield people from certain things that "trigger" it actually makes it harder for the victim in the long run. 


It really is grinding my gears all this shit. 


We really are not in very sophisticated times. What are they teaching these kids ffs. 

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Never heard of twitch. But these people are going to create a pressure cooker affect?effect. They don't want kids adults men women bantering between themselves. This i feel is intentional but also useful privilaged idiots who probably think they are doing something good but are not smart enough to realise they are making things worse. 


All this while entertainment has had its joy sucked out of it. Pubs closed which has been going on for decades. Along with working class being priced out of football and becoming increasingly feminised. 


The irony being for me personally i actually brought into the womens game and used to quite like watching it. Slower than than the mans game. Meanwhile my champangne socialised uncle hated it.


But no, its not enough is it. They have to cart the women in to the mens game more and more. And if you ask most female football fans (i mean real football fans) they prefer the game as it was 2 or 3 decades ago. They probably dislike the female commentators as much as i do but i cant say that because i would be called a sexist.


All this killing joy and censoring speech heads into the direction they want. No pubs communities closed. AI sex robots, and when the market opens up and the price goes down (i forget the economic term) production goes up demand goes up. 


When does the abolishing the orgasm come into it?


They will try it. 


I get called a boomer from time to time online. I take it as a compliment. In fact, despite living in my mums house with no prospects and no real future or any hope of earning a house. I usually reply "at least i own my own house, good luck with that". I am aware people younger and similar age to me are doing very well, but i haven't had a reply yet. I am guessing most people with that loser mindset will never achieve anything.

 Another one i like to reply with is "ok loser". 


Done with this shit lol

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2 minutes ago, Fluke said:

Never heard of twitch. But these people are going to create a pressure cooker affect?effect. They don't want kids adults men women bantering between themselves


Yeah they're playing a dangerous game trying to police young peoples speech. Tell a youngster not to do something and they will often do it.

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Facebook deletes page of former celebrity chef Pete Evans for COVID “misinformation”


'The chef on Thursday urged people in Sydney to not get tested for COVID-19 amid the growing Northern Beaches cluster.
Evans shared a post to his Facebook page about two cases in the area.


“Outbreak… Two cases,” Evans wrote, followed by clown-face emojis.


“Can you see where this is heading again? Testing for the common cold? Do not get tested.”


It’s not yet known whether this post contributed to Facebook shutting down the page.'

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YouTube hints its next “misinformation” crackdown will curb videos that get referral traffic from other sites


Apple continues to remove games from the App Store in China to appease the CCP


YouTube bans independent Swedish media outlet SwebbTV


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Who's the Fascist here? Me or Facebook? hahaha


I've only returned to FB recently because I needed an outlet for my growing anxiety of our rapidly expanding dystopia. I don't use my real name and my only friends on there are my actual friends/people I know in person. All I do really is post news articles/memes etc similar to those on here - covering the growing global, Orwellian police state and the actual sourced facts about the experimental jab as well as my usual oddball, ancient history, UFO/aliens I'd always posted in the past-  I wanted an outlet and to break up the nauseating feed of endless hysteria on there when I looked. Sadly, none of my friends interact/communicate with me over them, at all, not even a single like or laugh (LOLZ) however I at least feel a tad self-satisfied as I know my posts would be breaking up their feeds with a different narrative too hehe. 


I had heard FB was going full-fascist with communist style censorship since the last I scrolled mindlessly across there about a year ago,  but I have to admit I was shocked by this. 





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4 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

Is it time to start archiving everything western?

Yep! I just downloaded the entire 250 pages (The Odyssey of Homer).

Also this is a little off subject but when I was trying to log into this site this morning it said "Internal Error" across the screen and I had to reload a few times before the site actually worked and I was honestly having a semi-panic attack. 

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