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15 hours ago, Comedy Time said:


They are "converging" and that is impossible with a studio light anyway.  The terrain is uneven and perspective is in play.

Do you follow any conspiracies yourself Comedy Time or do you just refute?



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fs of course it was faked. photos, footage, the fecking lander was made of aluminium foil.  playing golf, riding around in sand buggies, reflections, shadows, stars,       

That guy sounds like he's just making it up as he goes

Had to try to see if I could get the same results for curiosity.   Normal levels:     Adjusted levels:     LMAO   Source of image: http

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14 minutes ago, Pre-Raphaelite said:

An oddity with this photo would seem to be the hot spot at the centre. The sun would surely not illuminate a small area like this but rather flood the landscape with even light.

Very true but the shadows are also odd following two different angles suggesting a second light source

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