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Wrestling and #speakingout


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It will result in everyone hating everyone and in the orgy of hatred the evil will start eating people alive.

The newsmedia works by dividing people.

Telling one person that he was wronged by a second person, then the they will hate each other.

And ... then you buy the newsmedia.

It is parasitical ... it is making money by causing damage to two other people.

The interesting thing about parasites is that although they can live from the destruction of the host, they actually destroy much more than they gain.

In numbers, a host may be function at 100 Watts, but if it is parasited it will function at 50 Watts and the parasite gains 5 Watts ... so the result is that the system as a whole is degraded from 100 Watts to 55 Watts, which means that "life" produces less - life is damaged.

Truth does not come from spraying out whatever you are angry with today.

Truth comes from truth from trust and relationships, and takes time to build up.

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40 minutes ago, Rolandson said:

Men Vs women. Devide and rule as always. Old Vs young, white Vs black, rich vs poor. 


Yes ... and another form of this insanity is the opposite.  

Men and women are "equal", judgement is wrong, everything is everything and there are no differences between anything.

This is another form of insanity.

It is all totally insincere.


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Everything is happening so fast right know. At least it looks like it. Maybe they were surprised how good Corona turned out. We accepted every rule  they gave us. Maybe they planned the same stuff with the swine flu as well but it didn't turned out like they wanted it. Couple years later we are brainwashed enough. Sure a few people wake up but are they really awake. They talking about Bill Gates and Rothschild but because we know this people do they have nothing to say. They are puppets as well. 

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Lots of wrestlers are dodgy fuckers, and this has happened in wrestling as long as it's existed, Moolah being a famous example. This shit, at this time, serves a purpose, but we'll have to wait and see what that is. But yeah wrestling a haven for all sorts of weirdo fuckers sadly.

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