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Military Industrial Complex Poisonings


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Food for thought:  US Military Industrial Complex Poisonings


When I say the United States is sitting on a pile of shit and destruction this is what I mean.  


We all know the United States government sponsors businesses that use our and other people’s land and water as waste receptacles.  But in fact, our American bodies are treated as nothing more than little toxic waste barrels by big business.  And we pay for it too! 


Most people in the USA eat food that is grown in their own shit.  It’s called biosolids.  Sewerage sludge is not magically “treated.”  We like to think magical things happen to our shit in a sewerage plant but no. 


Biosolids are not just human poo, but also anything attached to the sewerage systems including industrial outlets.  There is also lead, pharmaceuticals, and dead bodies that have undergone alkaline hydrolysis.  Biosolids aren’t only used to grow human food, but are scattered about in playgrounds, schools, and parks.


Foreign Trade Zones” US version of free trade zones:


There are over 500 now in the United States and they are technically NOT U.S. SOVEREIGN LANDS.  They pay zero taxes.  They are subject to zero customs inspections.  


There is a foreign trade zone near my house.  It consists of multi-billion dollar multinational corporations manufacturing AI-operated industrial equipment and electronics of all kinds.  There are train tracks used to transport e waste from the industrial zone to be loaded on barges and shipped to poor communities in third world countries.   


The manufacturing waste that is not transportable is buried here in underground tanks and recreational facilities are built over them.  There are four outdoor “sports complexes” within a 7 mile stretch within our industrial corridor.  How charitable of them.  

Our sewerage treatment plant is in the foreign trade zone too, and the “recycling center” where they make the biosolids patties and ready them for transport.  When they do a burn it smells like hell. 


How much military industrial poisoning is actually being marketed to us as life-enhancing products? 


Cobalt 60 bomb material is used to “keep the bugs off our food.”  Rendering it devoid of all nutritional value and introducing a whole new, never before seen assortment of toxic chemicals.


Agent Orange, or organophosphates are sprayed on our food and applied to our faux English manor lawns. 

Phosphate, or chemical fertilizer, is mined with uranium.  It is sold to municipalities for water fluoridation.  There are traces of uranium in water supplies, too.


Squalene, first tested on US military in the 1st gulf war in the anthrax bioweapon vaccine.  It caused Gulf War Syndrome. Now it’s sold to children in the gardasil vaccine and old people in the flu vaccine.  

And, of course microwave weapons, sold to us as ovens that denature our food even more.  

And the crowning glory, 5G: the rollout being paid for by every American in their monthly cell phone bill. 

American society since WW2 is a byproduct of the war machine and the war has always been against humanity.


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Those new "prescription turf" surfaces in sports complexes - go investigate what the little rubber pellets are made of that they use for cushioning in the artificial surface.  The shit is highly toxic and football players are rolling around in it.


The largest contributor to the US GDP by far is military and defence.  If this budget disappeared, the US economy would literally go back to the stone age.  30% of jobs are directly connected to military and defence.  Another 20% of jobs are support.  So getting rid of military and defence would eliminate half the jobs in the country.  Because it is so powerful and is the cornerstone of the US economy, they can basically get away with anything.  People have no idea, and for the most part they don't want to know.  This is why we have to have a new war every decade.

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Humanity really need to stop and evaluate what we are doing and then move forward with a completely different mind set, but how do we do that given there are "people" who do not want to relinquish control?


We cannot have wars anymore, they are going to have to figure out other ways of advancing technology. We maybe shouldn't even advance technology anymore, do we really need more technology?


I think it was David Wilcock who said that the more technologically advanced a species becomes the less spiritually advanced they become. That's us right now. We have all this tech hardware, phones, computers, electric cars, electric watches linked to satellites (very bad for health), etc yet we are so divided. I think Wilcock was quoting someone though when he said that, but I cannot remember who. He might have said it in the documentary, Above Majestic.


The MIC have teleportation, we don't even need cars anymore really but how would they introduce that for public use? There are certainly safety concerns there.


Then there is telepathy and remote viewing, telekinesis also. It really pisses me off that they have a maglev train underground that we probably paid for but we don't get to use. They have really taken American's for a ride, used us so badly. Our taxed labor over the century, and their drug trafficking, has financed all their black projects and we haven't really benefited from any of them except for the internet. It's such a slap in the face. It's why I say f&#k the IRS.

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Fuck everyone else too.  My next door neighbors are such assholes.  Amazon Alexa having, spying in our yard hypocrites.  They hate our garden.  The lady says things to me like “oh you’re so skinny!”  That’s how proper southern ladies hate and insult each other.  She snubbed us in public yesterday.  

Went to the stupid bunko game when I first moved here and a lady told me if I don’t roll right she’d kill me!  These people in suburbia are sick.  



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5 hours ago, Michi713 said:

Fuck everyone else too.  My next door neighbors are such assholes.  Amazon Alexa having, spying in our yard hypocrites.  They hate our garden.  The lady says things to me like “oh you’re so skinny!”  That’s how proper southern ladies hate and insult each other.  She snubbed us in public yesterday.  

Went to the stupid bunko game when I first moved here and a lady told me if I don’t roll right she’d kill me!  These people in suburbia are sick.  





She sounds like a jealous bitch. They hate your garden? Why would any human being who has a properly functioning brain hate someones garden? If for nothing else than jealousy. I don't know.


Proper southern ladies.  :classic_laugh:  She sounds like one of those un-evolved people who are part of the problem. I would be ecstatic to have a neighbor who had a garden because then I would actually have someone to talk to who gets it.


Well definitely ignore them as much as possible IMO and focus on finding positive people to talk to. Now I need to search for bunko game. haha

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