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11 hours ago, Stride said:

By inversion for instance, they are loving flipping a cross upside down for example.



The evil can only exist by feeding off the light, because ... the light is the light, it is the only energy.

Evil is parasitical.

So if you can convince people to turn against their gender this causes the organism to leak vast amounts of energy, same if you convince people to live outside of traditional marriage ... it causes people to spray their energy about, which the evil likes because it drinks your blood.

So you can see that "inversions" are a way of convincing people are untruth so that they leak.

There is nothing else to feed off apart from people's goodness, but if those people are following traditional models of life then they don't leak, they live straightforwardly and inconspicuously ... they become conspicuous when the leak, all that noise and drama is leaking energy.

And it is for this reason that "Peace" has to be maintained with spiritual practice and if necessary force, it is just the nature of things here - it's not pretty.

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The main point about Inversions is that darkness and evil feeds off the Light.  So the darkness turns against all Light and turns it upside down it inverts it.

For instance when 85% of the population are white, then it says Black Is Best ... well it says Black Lives Matter, because it is a little more cunning than that.  Of course this creates major discomfort in the white population and that discomfort causes energy leaks that the darkness feeds off.

So ... attacking all the institutions and inverting them causes power leaks and the evil feeds and grows stronger.

On this planet the challenges never end and any strong tree must resist, you must use the attacks to resist and prove you are still strong - that is the nature of this world.

And, when the darkness sees you are weak it will come for you, and eventually turn you upside down and attack your roots, the root power of the family, and your hope ... then you are perilously close to the end.

Of course the darkness lies about what others think ... the darkness pretends everyone is against you and that you are isolated, when it is not true.

The darkness is cunning, and must be resisted one way or another.


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That's why marxism feeds off of division, and hate, and paranoia, and breaking up traditional families.  It's why the Left have adopted this platform almost completely now.  More and more people are waking up to the fact that Progressive is just a rebranding of the word Marxism in order to hide what it really is and what it is doing.


If you look at every Marxist movement over the years, they're all the same in the mechanisms they use to create moral decay.  They attack and undermine religion.  They attack the traditional family through "feminism".  They use the school system to undermine the morality children are taught at home.  They invert everything.

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