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Is bitchute shadow banning?

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8 minutes ago, yass said:

Well, it sounds like you've got all the answers motlyhoo.  They're just not in line with my own thinking and so we'll just have to agree to disagree.  Cheers.


I don't have all the answers, I just apply Achem's Razor to things happening in everyday life.  What's more likely, a 200 billion to one probability virus killing 500 million people, or understanding that 1918 happened right at the end of ww1 and that we now know militaries all over the world had just started playing with biowarfare.  It's simple math to see what was most likely, and that's not even adding into the equation that govts and news media have been lying to us about all sorts of things for generations.


Just take the Corona virus pandemic for example:  It goes like this -->


1) People start showing up sick in January in Wuhan. Oh no!  The news media starts reporting this, reporting it more and more each day until they're only reporting about a potential global virus, including showing "experts" from the WHO and other places saying we need to keep an eye on it, and that this is new and never seen before.


How do you know its new and never seen before when you have not looked anywhere else in the world to see if there are other people displaying these same symptoms, and symptoms that look an awful lot like seasonal flu?  How is it that several people getting sick in Wuhan is any indication of anything abnormal when it is absolutely normal for people to be getting sick at that time of year because it was the peak of flu season.


2) January 12, they report from WHO about using new Corona test kits in Wuhan, finding people positive, and then making the claim that a new Corona virus is in Wuhan.  They give this new virus the name SARS-2.


They cannot make that claim, because they did not use the test kits anywhere else in the world, so they cannot say it only exists in Wuhan.  The news media mysteriously does not report this obvious fact.  And, just giving a new name to a virus that did not have a name before does not make it a new virus.  Why is the news media not stating these obvious facts?


3) January 15, because 5 people out of 1,000 in Wuhan test positive with new test kits, the WHO declares a pandemic.  Even though they never used these test kits anywhere else in the world, and even though no one has reported what the accuracy of said test kits was.


The Stanford Medical Center reports in the Wall Street Journal that the WHO's math was all wrong and explains in detail what the error was, how they made it, and why their logic of saying it was a new virus starting in Wuhan was completely wrong.  Mysteriously, once again this does not make it into TV news, even though the correct math proves there should never have been a pandemic declared, and that the death rate of the virus in question was many orders of magnitude below that of a pandemic.


4)  Test kits start getting shipped all over the globe, and everywhere they're used a certain number of positives start showing up.  The news media uses this to say the "virus is spreading".  In fact, all this means is, the virus was already all over the world (because we were in the peak of flu season), so of course some people would test positive.


5) Within 4 weeks, hundreds of thousands of cases are reported, which quickly grows into the millions, which the news media is reporting non-stop over and over 24 hr per day.  Except we find out later that most of those cases, infected and deaths, are people who just had one symptom and even many cases where people had no symptoms. 


6) The news media begins reporting bodies piling up and hospitals overflowing, except we now know from videos and eyewitness testimony from the public, hospital staff and nurses that none of this was actually happening in real life.


7)  In mid-April, the WHO and CDC report that the pandemic peaked a week BEFORE the lockdowns, self-isolation and social distancing began.  Why does the news media choose not to report this, and why do they not report that viruses of this kind drop off precipitously after they peak?  Why do they just keep reporting that the virus is growing and growing when it is not?


8) In mid-May, on the TV news, all the experts are saying the virus will be gone enough by end of may to start reopening things.


9) End of May they tell everyone to put on their masks and stay away from everyone else.  What?  What happened to "the virus peaked over 2 months ago" got lost in all the hysteria?


I just gave you 2 perspectives.  Which one do you choose to believe, the one that makes sense, or the one based on hysteria and false data?


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4 hours ago, yass said:

Well, it's a good thing he didn't go to nursing school.  He wouldn't make a very good nurse.  He would refuse to do the things that made it safe for the patient (and himself).  To each his own.  Of course, he has influence over a few people, but we each have a mind of our own and can think independently so it's all good innit?

David didn't go to nursing school because that wasn't his inclination. We all have our individual likes and dislikes, which largely guide us to our professions. This is what allows every human to be useful in something, each doing something else. I can't compose music and can't draw at all well, for instance, so those professions are out for me. But I can buy a singer/songwriter's music or perhaps a painting, or at least a print of one, which again is necessary for the artists to make a living with their particular skill.

And I certainly won't wear a face-mask just because somebody has decided that we all should when we never had to before in the same situations. did you hear David's description of his ferry trip around midnight on Sunday to the Isle of Wight? Where he was THE ONLY passenger on foot? I mean that was an absolutely bizarre situation and we are constantly living in similarly bizarre situations this year.

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2 hours ago, Dagmar Gross said:

And I certainly won't wear a face-mask just because somebody has decided that we all should

Of course not!  You might make other people think you were being considerate of them.  Can't let that happen now can we?

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13 hours ago, yass said:

Oh, I see.  You think for me do you?


Mexico is getting it bad.  There are so many killings there.  I get Mexico News Daily in my inbox.  I don't read the articles as much as I used to when they were free but now there is a limited amount free.  This headline caught my attention though.



i speak evidence and facts not hearsay or ignorance


gloves, masks social distancing is great for bacterial pathogens but viruses are completely differrnt


those people being killed by medical treatment is not pretty

those people being made ill by medicines

those people being conditioned to live in perpetual fear makes them manifest illness




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16 hours ago, yass said:


another long term effect of medical treatment is being reported


pulmonary fibrosis


those put on mech ventilators have had their lungs permanently damaged


re spanish flu... the worldwide advice to gobble aspirin caused bleeding lungs

another victory for democide


what damage will spain have caused spraying anti bacterial liquid from the air onto cities


get this right... all gov advice worldwide is designed to make people sick, sicker or kill them

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17 hours ago, motleyhoo said:


Every year the flu is a "brand new virus".  That's why millions get sick every year, many thousands die, and why a flu vaccine that actually works have never been invented.  The only thing new about this year's virus is the fake narrative they built around it about it being far more deadly than it really is. 


The whole story about Covid starting in Wuhan and being something new and novel is pure unadulterated horseshit.



Out  of likes.......well said.

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22 hours ago, yass said:

Well, it sounds like you've got all the answers motlyhoo.  They're just not in line with my own thinking and so we'll just have to agree to disagree.  Cheers.


The 1918 Spanish flu seemed to coincide with the introduction of radio waves. There is that frequency aspect again that most people don't consider. When this video was first posted it on facebook, it was deleted immediately.



Please define "good nurse". The few nurses I've met have been total morons. I'm sure there are good nurses out there who care and who know a few good tricks of the trade to help people, but this corona "virus" thing is a load of bullshit, and wearing a mask is stupid. If a person has to sneeze, or cough, doing it into their elbow or a kleenex, or a napkin works just fine, and has worked just fine for the last century.


Most of society did not panic and wear a mask when tuberculosis was realized. 

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And do you think the Navajo are faking it and lying?  What about Small Pox, and the infected blankets that killed millions of people. Was it also fake?




Yesterday, I couldn't find an old post about the Navajo Nation and the numbers of cases and deaths.  I spoke about it and this place and you all, and here is a response I got:


Nosliw Ecniv Dont comment on something you sure as hell dont know !!! These are my people and plenty if people I knew have died from this virus, just because you grew up with a silver spoon dont give you the right to judge my people...


Antagonism at both ends, what's one to do?

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On 6/22/2020 at 7:41 PM, yass said:

I suppose you'd prefer the course of censorship. I have a mind of my own and that's all there is to it.  Anyway, I put together a meme a while back, didn't do the greatest job but I like it.  It suited the occasion at the time and will any at any time the shoe fits.  be back with it momentarily.




Just for the meme 🙂

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