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Trump rally and summer solstice

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It's all very strange. Yesterday was the Forbury knifing just in time for summer solstice and William's birthday. Now of course it was a terror attack. It's all so boring. 


My question is the Trump rally was also on yesterday but would be UK time 21st June. I know something is happening but do you think the New World Order involved Trump and Prince William and will skip Charles? Harry has left so he was no good anyway.


I know many people believe the Royals are being taken down and in some ways they are and yes there is an awakening   You can feel it, it's happening. 


Icke did mention even those fast asleep will eventually awaken. It's happening and I'm seeing it more, although of course still people in their slumber of sleep.


Do you think Trump is fighting evil or part of it. Q seems so precise? It's impacted so many sleeping Americans including my family..It's literally awakened them to more than what they are and 9/11, Bill Gates they are no longer oblivious to stuff .If you think they are pysop why?  Would be great to hear opinions from both sides. Thanks 

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Trump is part of it because if not he wouldn't be were he is right now. Sure there is an awakening but those on top are always ahead of us. They planned everything. If we have a solution against plan A they have plan B ,C and so on. The royals could be taken down but only in public. 

They are all related to each other : actors, politicians, the royals and so on. 

Clinton is related with the queen for instance. 

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