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Elton John


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1 hour ago, Stride said:

Hang on I think I found it. Google ‘say hello to uncle elton’.


Never google what someone tells you to google on this forum. :classic_ninja:


2 hours ago, shadowmoon said:

I read a story/comment the other day  coincidentally about him, George Michael and  Freddie and running a paedophile ring in the early 90s.


Not very likely, as Freddie was dying and George wasn't a paedophile. :classic_dry:

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9 hours ago, greatdayforfreedom said:

Neither was Freddie. Chris Spivey, says it all.


I wasn't suggesting that Freddie or Elton were. I was merely stipulating why Freddie and George weren't doing anything untoward in the said time frame. As already stated, Freddie died in 1991 and was ill for quite a while beforehand. As for George, he was very unpopular with the PTB. If there was even a whiff of impropriety with children, from any time in his life, then we would have surely heard of it. And I do mean even a whiff, let alone anything concrete.


I am always 'suspicious' of such threads, as it is certainly one tactic the PTB would use to try and make this forum look bad. For example, take a national icon, preferably gay or sexually ambiguous; then have someone cast some vague aspersions at them; then have someone else come along and casts more vague aspersions at them, plus others too, which are even more heinous; then someone else reading the forum says 'Oh, how dreadful!'; then the masonic mass media, who really do cover for some of the sickest paedophiles on planet Earth, also get wind of it and say 'Yes, how dreadful! Something must be done about this!'; and on it goes. Yawn... :classic_rolleyes:


As for Chris Spivey, I have checked him out in the past and I am certainly no supporter of his. I don't know if he is a shill or not and I don't really care. What I do know is that he isn't going to bring about much change, given the way he goes about things. Isn't real change supposed to be what he wants? Or is this all just a hobby for him? I say just leave him to it. I have seen purported 'truthers' having ego battles in the past, at least some of them must be shills, and it seems like a total waste of good energy to me. :classic_wink:    


P.S. Going back to my mass media comments, just take Guy Verhofstadt as an example. He was prime minister of Belgium from 1999 to 2008, in the heart of the E.U., when the bulk of the Dutroux Affair went down. He then became a prominent E.U. figure. And yes, he went along with it all and the mass media said nothing. I must be living in an alternative dimension somewhere then. :classic_laugh:  



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5 hours ago, Stride said:

In the end it was settled out of court, now why would that be?

i think excluding issues that directly affect the public or people in public office i. e pollution, poisoning, tax fraud, etc 


all issues between 2 parties should be settled privately 


however in many cases it seems the 'public right to know' is avoided when it shouldnt be

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