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To our aliens from space believers: Please post your best proofs that they exist, have been here, or have interbred with humanity


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Cross examining the one caught on camera without black on to see that it is truely alien, with the faces of all these sightings, and we see that many of them may indeed not be fake. 


I am NOT saying there isnt a mask out there, but a lot of the ridges in the face and the side indents, its all there. There is one that has fat upper arms like a human, whether it is padding to make it look like a human with a mask, or what. 


There is something dark and sinister about this creature, so I wont investigate it further. 


This is the most evidence we have seen of ET life basically, other then Bush's momma!!!! lol 



"The government knows about them" from the 1997 call.


So, is this what the elites were calling in??? 


We dk much about this ET, other then I have talked about it on the old forum, and I thought it was extinct. Its terrible if it is the kind that is reptile-grey crossed, b/c they are blood suckers and avid killers if I am correct on this one. Which we already know about the others, but even more so.


They dont seem to come out to work b/c they are too high in the grey caste system, are they are up to something???


In the rural areas these are being seen, people are saying there are more sightings off camera. 





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Another question.


When they are so high in the grey caste system, then why are they being seen just randomly walking about??? The caste system is reptile/reptile+grey hybrid/grey. (and mantids fit in there as workers types too).


You would see them less times then a tall grey or small grey, right?? 


In fact, many of the grey sightings, and I have prob read hundreds of pages since age 12, they were just showing up to get people used to them at times, that is if your survived the meeting. lol but it is said they did that back then to see the reactions, but also for propaganda. Positive propaganda.  


Now, fast track back to what was going on back then, in particularly to missing children. 




and to dispel rumors, they pulled this stunt before. "it cant be them, b/c I survived this meeting".  Thats my theory to the confession of staged encounters. I already know they are evil and everything they do, but I know the history of them moving their child disappearances from town to town, state to state, so they dont get caught.  In particular, CT, NYC, and the Long Island, Cape Cod area of the USA, also had many disappearances, too many. It was also around this time the tall greys pulled this stunt. I believe its an actual confession of "just showing themselves", but b/c I know their true nature, I know it was a stunt to show people survive when they meet them. Which from knowing of the montaulk times, it corresponds with these staged tall grey sightings.


It was simply to dispel rumors. 


Only now, we have cameras. 


Its a stunt!!!


Real aliens, for the most part, but its politics. ET politics. 


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Now dont get scared, what if they are doing it in reverse???? It for the most part, worked the first time, no one suspected or connected the level of dead/missing children back to them. The last thing the letter agencies needed back then was pages and pages of newspaper pointing things back to ETs, that would cause massive public panic. 


They know that some big disappearances are going to be coming, so they are supposedly one step ahead, and they did this in 2016ish???


Again, to dispel rumors, but this time, before it happens. The purpose is to get the public's eyes off real abductions and weird occurrences, and for the public to not suspect some massive ET agenda, massive uproar, and public panic. 




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Compare this music video of members waiting out in hiding in a post-apocalyptical world, while coming out to alien figures, to the frantic 1997 call. They are counting their days on the walls, and it shows them hiding in the bunkers. Then they emerge and there are these alien creatures that they meet.

Agenda much???


Eminem is just a musician, so what do you think this high clearance Area 51 guy overheard in a hospital bed back in 1997????


Its called lucky you b/c your not so lucky in the first the place. 



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Its very unlikely it survived extinction in all honesty. I thought that was the cause of Lucifer's fall from grace. 


Although, the small grays keep specimens and genetic material of animals and humanoids that are extinct.


Its being caught in cameras of all types from car cameras to security footage thats where it seems less likely to be faked. 


We already know that the governments and military are infiltrated with similar looking creatures, so no matter what they say --- remember that greys-reptilians-and mantids are parasite aliens. Nothing more!!!!!


If their plan was to force feed us the concept of hybrids like my Nemesis and themselves, then that aint happening. My nemesis being a grey hybrid himself, all his counterparts are the same. 


I think I understand what they do, as infamous planet killers. They are without a sun side, their planet of origin. --- being almost purely feminine genetic weirdos. Reptilians are never to have said to have any spiritual base, and so they planet hop from planet to planet searching out sun spirits to devourer for life extension, and when thats done that also kills a given planets life as well. 


Lucifer would of spent a graceful life of millions of years in some of the highest vibrations with the best of the best, and that is HOW he vowed revenge on knowing many planets as innocent oasis' of life to be used as schools. He was more spoiled then anyone could ever imagine, and when it was his time to reincarnate (not the fake kind) he vowed revenge against Heaven, and they used their ability to clone beings to infiltrate planets, it would always be the  core of their operations. 


So, instead of accepting reincarnation (the real kind), they vowed on life extension and stealing it from others. 



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So, you wont believe this, from the info bank that we have on the greys, we can not only link the government's involvement and branches of the military like the gay (please bend over navy/marines stuck on a boat together lol) 




we not only know all of that. They have been hiding Lucifer!!! and we have all info and goods to prove it!!!!




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**Now, it couldnt be human b/c when you follow the full picture of the arm line, its arms get un-humanly smaller/thinner. 


It made a defense noise and its head had that defense "I bet you wont" tilt. A human wouldnt act that.


SAME CREATURE -- Alien type as above!!!!


Go to 5:00-5:10 of this video.



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Intuitively I got the name "Pelosi" in response to "the government knows and is infiltrated". I wonder if its even a "she" in the first place?


Any ways, I havent watched the video yet, but she is the first one screaming "Deep fake", when we were warned that they would be doing this before hand. 


Coincidence?? Or just first of the lot? 


They all keep info on each other, so there is a huge data base of black mail just ready to be tapped, and many of it has -- just the timing and safety of dropping it. 

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I always say, Reiki isnt a special entitled art form for just special initiated individuals, you can self teach it to yourself. 

Thus if you learn that along with meditation and other types of energy work, then you can sense a "change" in environment energy. So, I sense these things all the time.

Then its only a matter of time before someone finds a dead alien that had itself cloaked. Post pictures and videos all over the internet, send pictures to all your phone contacts. 

Basic 101 reiki isnt rocket science, but it will evolve what you can perceive and understand. 



Before I knew the dirty details, I would call negative people "dark auras" or "psychic vampires". Thats all I knew back in the day, and I had no idea of organized evil. Let alone letter agencies, most of the government, and over half of the military. 


Of course we know the police, judges, and lawyers. Someone with a household name killed a family member with a car, and all he got was a ticket, with fault given 100% by the police to the guy. He got a $100 TICKET b/c of loop holes with the police in that state, if the police dont drug/substance test a household name, it erases the manslaughter charge. That person didnt make it to the hospital, and they again, didnt substance check the guy who did and came over into another lane. 


A guy takes out a drivers seat of another car, and you dont substance check him?????


You think throwing money at the police to "restructure" is about integrity and honesty, or just another agenda. RIght now with that corona virus bill that they are debating about in congress, the police are set to get lots of funds, but to protect whom???? 


On top of that, in Naya Rivera's case, you see a brief struggle go on -- on video tape, and just like the close family member, they dont do anything about it to investigate it further


We have these CIA - AREA 51 - WEIRDO OCCULTIST that have saturated nearly all important positions in society, not just elites. From DCF workers, shipping companies, unions, Dept of Education, religion, Universities, lawyers, judges, Quayfair, influencers OF ALL KINDS, etc. The list can keep on going on, and thats why I always reference the movie "Get Out" b/c they are always looking for new FRESH hoste. 



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Its time to start thinking, how the people in the Matrix accepted a fate like that? How did you get locked into a bubble by the Annunaki - parasites? 




The point being, if you think they woke up one morning and said "yes" to that type of fate, your mistaken. Its a slow rolled out process. Which maybe, just maybe, might be exposed just on the pretense that Lucifer is UGLY AS H3LL!!!! Oh h3ll no, nobody got no time for that type of ugly!! Let me tell you!!! and that thing and that things thing???? Up in AREA 51??

Most of the government knows??  


and they are going after the militias. 

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In regards to some of the videos, some of these ETs, if you see more then one of them, they are hunting or about do a kidnap. They are ready to laser a skyscraper or something big. We can call child eating/killing/snatching that bad. 


Greys/and grey-reptilians are fairly solo until you see them in groups of more then 1, then they are up to some shady sh!T.


Thats where you might end up missing without your camera, no witnesses mentality. 


Now, I have seen two types of greys with my physical eyes, visual senses, a tall one, and a little almost white one with like huge black eyes (still havent seen many sightings of eyes that big). Its rare to find that one by witnesses, most witness drawings have much smaller eyes in comparison. What I havent seen is that part reptile grey. 


Thats why I started researching the topic since age 12, if you wondered, "why that young". I am 31 now. lol 

I got a pregnancy mark at age 10ish, and I didnt know what it was until many years later. Thats still considered rape no matter what. So, as far as I am concerned, the government knows these things are rapping children. 


Well, that was the infamous deal for technology many already know about in the first place (Its NOT NEW NEWS), child raping for technology. They want your first eggs, which are your best eggs, when you are around 9. 


I also survived a sighting of the mystery wolf creature that has links to mouth man (and ufos) by top researchers of the topic. 

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On 7/26/2020 at 9:37 PM, zArk said:

jesus and james wept.. 


this repeating defense has becoming too pathetic. 


if you dont know the answer just say so

theres no shame in it

its how we learn things





But you dont know, lol. Being sarcastic doesnt mean you are right

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In reference to the frantic 1997 call warning of the Annunaki.


These are the SAME entities that sunk Atlantis. DONT LET THEM FOOL YOU!!!!!


So, thats like Jetson's style stuff, things we wont see for another 100 years+. 


The real meaning of the dark times for humanity and they "ruled in humanity's place".


No more!!!


Its life or death. 


and you bet ya, no matter your belief system, that we want answers regarding the allowed rape of our young children, like myself, by these demonic-alien entities. The disappearance of thousands and thousands of young children (of psychics family lines) and 8month year old babies in the whom by these dirt bastards. They were targeting evolved souls and oracle/psychic lines, so they dont go out and make the latest and greatest technologies and advancements, so they took thousands of children and babies on this pretense. Thats on top of experimentation, FOOD, and sacrifices. 


We want answers and we want them now!!!!

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9 hours ago, MarpatV2 said:

But you dont know, lol. Being sarcastic doesnt mean you are right


1st the loudest scientists are not necessarily correct

2nd science in general argues within itself, always

3rd some fields of science have very little argument because the field requires

a. lots of cash

b. specialised equipment

c. 'being there' is a privileged position


So claiming scientists are clever therefore one cannot assert a contrary idea is completely wrong


not all scientists occupy the same position

therefore there will be some scientists that occupy the same position as the asserted contrary idea to the dominant theory

the domination of the field by corporation paymasters SHOULD be ringing alarm bells for all


the assertion that the atmosphere / vacuum barrier is unexplained and mind bogglingly stupid is reasonably logical

we can see the experiments of much lower pressures upon objects

we can therefore extend those examples to the atmosphere barrier


brushing aside the question with the reasoning that scientists controlled by a mega corporation are cleverer and know more than everyone is pathetic


its a lazy and conformist mantra which is being thrown about on this forum repetitively by different members in response to space / globe discussion 




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When people find out that Area 51 and the government were hiding Lucifer/Saturn there, the audacity.


Many of them know it too, the audacity. Only he would be like "bring me a container of children from Hati" and they comply to these demands. For those that think they are just your typical alien, well, not living --- so technically not alien per se. Parasites that grow inside flesh like maggots. Asking to rape children and sh!t, and they didnt put two and two together??? Like computers were worth that? Has society gone mad??


Greys, parasite aliens, will tell you that energy vampirism, child eating, child raping --- are no different then trip to your local taco bell. Like that beef burger. 

This is where Area 51 losses all legitimacy, and they should shut down Nelis Air Force base as well, b/c its overrun -- AS WELL!!!


When do you say "no". 

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They will talk their way to reason when there is no reason or justification about it. "Oh, you eat meat too, dont you??" 


:you want this new technology, dont you".


When the public finds out they were really duped by Lucifer. lol lol 🙂  How utterly stupid can you be???


Now, match that with over the years, the rumor about JFK wanting to kick greys out b/c he thought they were using humans as food. Which included defuding their black ops programs, from montaulk to mars research to egg harvesting, he wanted to shut it down!!! 


At the same time, interestingly enough, an agenda about controlling the news system came to his attention. Who also owns the NEWS???



What if the report on the agenda to take over the news outlets and Area 51 troubles is the SAME??? THE SAME!! THE SAME!!!


Is he around to dispel the rumors??? 

This isnt new news my friends. 



So, you get a portfolio about a top secret agenda to take over the news by illegal foreign GREY ALIEN ENTITIES???

People think there is no connection to his non retirement???


He talks about trying to PREVENT the creation of FAKE NEWS in his LAST SPEECH!!! Come on now people, come on!!!!


We know for certain that he wasnt around long enough to properly enact the new laws and he died, possibly it failed bc he died. 



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So, what documents?

From who???

So, you have rumors of MIB!!!

They are covering up ufo and alien sightings.


These same people, now are meddling for some reason in human's ordinary lives. Come to find out, its the AREA 51 related crews of people that are covering up stories and missing people reports. Now, not only that, they want you to speak a certain way, they are now meddling in politics, and they want to influence you a certain way. Now, more reports, its coming from CIA-FBI-and its linking back to the AREA 51 crew/clique. Then you have to ask the question, why is this Area 51 crew interested in politics? In how you speak on the news? In the stories you see, etc. You get the point?? 


Its one thing the Area 51 clique and related high clearance military/government was linking back to UFO/alien topics, its entirely different when you see these people concealing the bodies of thousands upon thousands of American lives, and now not only that they are interested in politics and were found red handed involved in fake news at its beginning stages. 


A couple more years, more bodies and disappearances are coming up everywhere. The montaulk age where people were disappearing in the 100s, and unlike today, that was a BIG DEAL!!! You got people talking, and local law enforcement going to the president with concerns over sighting of UFOs and missing people.


Now its in the 10,000s, enough for the president of the USA to get a secret sealed document that the greys are covering up their own kidnapping and killing of American citizens by bullying and paying local people off and keeping stories hidden. 


Say what you want on my theory. We have on the records that the MIB were covering up news stories. WE ALREADY HAVE THEM LINKED TO JFK's DEATH!!!!




The TRUTH it hurts, man. 

Men werent stupid even back then, you can only see the combo "UFO Sighting over town, now missing children/people". The topics were passed off as petty crimes and runaways. Every time a fk'n UFO story pops up and you have missing people, thats an issue. Why do you think they acted like thugs "we will ruin you if you dont take down those pictures". They never wanted anyone to ever figure it all out, people were going missing everytime those pictures were posted.


Just like thugs, but it was never about the actual pictures, its that they didnt want people to ever figure out the connection between petty crime killings/disappearances and UFO sightings. You see how that is controlling perception?? 


Now, by the late 60s they want more, they want to get involved in MORE types of perception control. The mk-ultra program expands. The CIA, it expands. Politics and how human beings talk and interact. Why would they want to meddle in our daily lives?? Thats not a friendship, its a potential takeover. They want MORE BLOOD. More coal for the stoves, more Hansel's and Gretel's. 


Now, a secret document reaches your desk about an expansion of some recent fake news/lies. Spying and maybe an overheard conversation -- could have been. Now, JFK sees that everything we fought to protect, we could lose. Special interest groups telling you what to do, its more then just that. Its more like bodies are piling up in the 1,000s around those interested in concealing information from the public. 


Now, its a matter of National Security. Now, its time to implement prison time for involvement in publishing any fake news, but the dark cabal took action to prevent that before hand. 

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On 6/22/2020 at 12:01 PM, Messenger said:

Holy shit that's crazy that you saw one of the "mythical" cattle mutilations!


Good point too regarding predation not taking place in all the cases. The animals know, they have that sixth sense, and really good smell too of course.

Not really , I have seen and experienced so much weird shit in my time ,nothing surprises me anymore

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On 6/25/2020 at 11:46 AM, Avoiceinthecrowd said:


I have seen grown men cry and throw shit because of the pain of letting go of mistaken  beliefs. Bet you are one of those.

Since you are taking the piss with regards KJ35, obviously there is no such things as aliens because the earth is flat and covered by an impenetrable dome so there is no way they could get here

Sorry I couldn't resist

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On 7/1/2020 at 4:18 PM, yass said:

This is a favorite video clip.  Very short but to the point.  Appears to be air force/military (of some foreign country) in pursuit of an unidentified flying craft which plunges into the ocean, filmed by this boat's crew.  Will be back to edit the link in.



This is a very good video the only issue I have is the two jets going from right to left are not the ones going from left to right as they can't possibly do a 180 in that short amount of time unless they were the new Russian Mig 35's which they're not ,but the fact that the video shows choppers approaching from left to right may indicate that there were four jets converging on the object from different vectors

I'm actually reading a book at present which documents under water ufo sightings ,going in and coming  out of water ,it's by Ivan T Sanderson and called Invisible Residents ,if anyone is interested

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Guest Gone Fishing...
10 hours ago, peter said:

obviously there is no such things as aliens because the earth is flat and covered by an impenetrable dome

Being a recent convert to the Flat Earth truth, have you not considered that Aliens MADE the Flat Earth and Dome ?

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On 8/7/2020 at 2:02 AM, Basket Case said:

Being a recent convert to the Flat Earth truth, have you not considered that Aliens MADE the Flat Earth and Dome ?

Oh Mr Case, you are truly a wise and illuminated being

I have been pondering your considerations and have had a epiphany , it's all true

The aliens did make the dome , therefore the aliens are god and as such must have written the bible , Erich Von Daniken was right, and it pains me to say the earth really is flat.

How oh how could I not see that, how could I have been so (sarcastic)  stupid.

I am going to form a new tax free (enterprise ) religion called the Apostles of the Epiphany and make shit loads, sorry save shit loads of non believers and heathens 😇

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