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Trump asked China's President to help him win 2020 election, Bolton claims in excerpt of new book

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7 minutes ago, Truthspoon said:

Trump didn't polarise anyone.... the media did that.


I said his job is to polarize everyone, not saying he is guilty of that. I do think he is guilty of capitulation though and I do think he is bought and paid for. I don't think the likes of Adelson or Kushner have the best interests for America either, but like I said the opposition are the ones that are insane.

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21 hours ago, HistoryIsComplex said:

If John "Bomb That Country" Bolton is going after Trump, the American Deep State must be preparing for another large scale war - under Joe Biden's presidency.



Have you seen that video on this site by Polly St. George? In it, among many other things she also shows how inarticulate and confused Joe Biden is of late? He can never become the next US president. And Syria is already being ruined thanks to US/British interventions. It is only still left standing to a certain extent thanks to Putin. Isn't Iran next on the Agenda? Iran has been wriggling about as best as it can manage to avoid that war with the US. It has been alleged that they received a worse virus than Wuhan too...

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John Bolton supports Trump = Orange Man Bad


John Bolton savages Trump = Orange Man Very Bad 


I give up with being rational when it comes to marxists 


There isnt anything that will please them other than mass murder and wanton detsruction of peoples heritage 


TBH if my movement was sponsored by Chase Bank , Lloyds and Nike I would be wondering where I went wrong 

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Yes, I heard that on the News today. But Trump almost started a war with China when he first got into office, didn't he? I can't quite remember the details, but it was with that military plane incident, I think. So, how can he have done what Bolton alleges? Can't be true. Russia had some involvement perhaps. But then they are always used as the scapegoat. So convenient!

And don't followers of David Icke know that Britain was involved? Or rather the British/US Ultra-Zionists? With U-Z Sheldon Adelson bailing Trump out after his debacle with the Atlantic City casino? It's all in the recent books.

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Well to be fair, I used to follow all the based Assad memes, but some Syrians say he is just another zio so it makes you wonder how deep this crap really goes. Same with Putin, some say he is based, but he surrounds himself with the same clique as Donald.

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