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Neruda Interview part 5 (TRUE TODAY)


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This is an interview - that you and most people probably aren't aware of btw - from 1997... Dr. Jamisson Neruda with a journalist called Sarah. 


Neruda defected the secret Labyrith Group (That were working with "Time Travel") - after he came in contact with the Wingmakers (some indigenous tribes have also - the native american chaco canyon folk anasazi for example). He felt he needed to share this with the world.


I am sharing this with you so here is the interview read by someone with a bit of an awkward style but the information is the key. He talks about technology, transhumanism, aliens etc... 

this video is part 10 of his series.... so jump right into it:



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In my own words:


Neruda (security level 14) and his "boss/superior" known as Fifteen, were part of the Labyrinth Group which in its turn was a secret organization among an secret organization known as ACIO: Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization.


Labyrinth Group were working with Time Travel led by Fifteen... then they came in contact with the Wingmakers... especially Neruda.


EDIT: The fifth Neruda interview was released 2014...

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NERUDA: " The number of people who show up to look through the crack in the wall, will be very small. In terms of the whole population, a tiny fraction." 


Then eventually more will look through the crack in the wall and collectively we will push the wall down. When the wall falls we become and operate free of the "functional implants". Not slaved shells. 

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Very interesting, certainly for someone like me who was only awoken earlier this year so suddenly as though somebody had whispered it into my head whilst i was sleeping. My problem is that im simply useless at helping others to wake up. Il through terms around like 'were living in a non reality', 'the great awakening' and telling people not to believe things and to question everthing.


One question though springs to mind.....Where does this place religious beings. Essentially what he was saying was that religion was something that has almost been sold right? To believe that after we leave our vessels we will be with god ecf which he saying is not true. But there are alot of people who are talking about mark of the beast, and seing signs of end times in all of this and therefore will do there up most to not have it. But they are almost awake but on a different level. Would those people 'be looking through the crack in the wall'? I guess not.

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Really enjoyed reading the first Neruda interview, got a bit bored with interviews 2 and 3 though but with investing so much time reading this massive text I had to carry on, then interviews 4 & 5 really drawed me in and opened my mind.


Surprised how extensive the website is! The replies from James in the FAQ's were brilliant. 


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