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Women need to take the lead, if we are to finish this.


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5 hours ago, rooey said:

the women are rather infiltrated already tbh. that needs addressing. but hey people can keep on not addressing the elephant in the corner.



Shhhh.....you're not supposed to hold the protected classes of society accountable for their actions.


Only white men are allowed to be held accountable and pilloried.

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In the pyramid of privilege white men are right at the very bottom.


At the top of the pyramid are the Jews who are never held accountable for anything, have their own police-force, their own language, their culture is protected and they even have their own private ethno-state.


Underneath them is black people, who are not held accountable for their actions and if they are then the city burns down and the media accuse white people of being racist.


Beneath them are white women, who, if it comes against the word of a black man against the word of a white woman, the black man wins, as we saw recently with the woman who lost her job because she phoned the police after a black man harrassed her.


And at the very bottom are white men, who have no rights, are no longer allowed to defend themselves from any of the groups above them, yet it is they who pay for the whole structure with their taxes.

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From:  https://www.savethemales.ca/001904.html


"While trying to recruit Russo for the CFR, Nicholas Rockefeller told him that his family foundation created women's liberation using mass media control as part of a long-term plan to enslave humanity. He admitted they want to "chip us." Google "Rockefeller Foundation" and "Women's Studies" and you'll get a half million citations.

The hidden goal of feminism is to destroy the family, which interferes with state brainwashing of the young. Side benefits include depopulation and widening the tax base. Displacing men in the role of providers also destabilizes the family. "


I want my wife to read this. She's a feminist/neo-feminst, bought into so much liberal crap, just accepting everything without question: BLM, CV19, state, transgendermogrification, the lot!


However she's put up with me trying to break that down for decades and it seems to be finally working. She's reading a self-published comprehensive NWO expose which we came by in an odd way ("The seed that fell on good ground" - I am going to try to get PDF and paper copies because it is really good as an intense primer) and she hasn't just put it down like everything else I've given her to read.

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continually internalising the cults organisational structure makes a mockery of common people


anyone attracted to control positions is fooked


men women hermaphrodites doesnt matter, the world controls all. 


all worldly positions are performed by people. its a prewritten theatre show. all are given a role, if they want one 


its a giant masonic rite, each person must perform well and progress through a heirarchy can occur.


so put a women in the role... doesnt change anything. if she fails in performance she is out, if she is succesful its the role thats determining the entire narrative not the actor. 








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I met with one of my neighbours a little earlier today, an elderley woman, in her late 80's but very fit and mobile for her age - also very sharp in her intellect (or so I thought).
She also has that way of speaking that is - pronounced, clear, posh and educated  - she communicates beautifully and I know (from previous conversations) that she is a kind woman, and does what she can for people.  The way she speaks she obviously went to a finishing school at some point in her earlier years -  there were alot of them round in the old days, so I'm told.

We get on well, and after the usual greetings and pleasantries, I asked her what she thinks of all the madness.   She said she can't wait until it's over and back to normal.  (1st PROBLEM)
She then went on to say she can't believe how the government can let small businesses struggle on and they she hopes they will all open as soon as possible. (2nd PROBLEM)
How's the economy going to cope? (3rd PROBLEM)

I like the old bag but I thought to myself (I need to plant a little seed here)
I first - very briefly - told her that things won't improve - we're due a 2nd spike in the 'so-called' virus in early autumn, which might mean another lockdown, and that if people obey/acquiess then we're all in for big problems ahead, it certainly won't be good for the remaining small businesses out there".
"well - I hope not" she said "how are the small businesses supposed to survive?"

At this point I thought fuck it - I'm going to drop the bomb on you. (I like her - and didn't want to shock her too much but I knew that I'm lying to myself if I don't say something)
I said, well of course as you probably know, the government are in on it all, they want to collapse the economy"
"However why?"  She said, in her dear little voice. "they're here to serve us?"
Because those at the top tiers of the government, particularly the prime minister, chancellor etc know full well who is REALLY in control, it's the corporations, the elite, the ultra-rich, like the rothschilds (of course I know the rabbit hole goes much deeper than this but I thought that I'll ease her in gently)  it's the corporations that pulls the strings - THEY - the government - are not in control, they are a mouth-peice, they are merely puppets on a string, It's been like that for decades and decades - and even further back" I said.
"well then - can't we vote them out and get someone in who can actually make a change"
Then followed the usual response from me " have you seen any change in the world with whoever/whatever political party is in power?"

Her mouth dropped open bit by bit, lower and lower as we are talking (I could see the cognative dissonance taking over her)
"they want to collapse the economy, they want to get rid of physical cash and create a one-world-currency- controlled by a one-world government, it's been going on for ever" I said
She was utterley flabbergasted, but not aggressive.
"well, I've not heard anything of this on the News channels whatsoever"

You know the rest guys, there followed a long conversation about who else is 'in-on-it'  Media, banking, pharma, hollywood etc...so i proceeded to educate the little old dear about that too.
"she still said - well, channel 4 news is alright isn't it?"
Ahhhh .........the myth of the liberal media?
Don't worry - I put her right.  
We wrapped up the conversation with me saying "please,please,please do have a look for yourself - be wary of google search engine, but type these words in and see for yourself and then make your own informed decision. alright?"

This is what we're up against, self-imposed ignorance and over-trust - naivety.
(I didn't say that to the old lady don't worry)  But that is it, they're all naive?

I won't be surprised if she crosses the road next time she sees me.

So even in your late 80's - It's never to late to wake up is it?   Well.....actually   .......?.........


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Underneath it all society has broken down because of the huge forces that have taken over ... Corporate law and Corporate power and Public Relations Science and the Internet.  The combined effect has been to destroy the permaculture society and replace it with monolithic monoculture ... this is exceptionally destructive in all parts of society.

I have almost never heard any politician challenge corporate power.  It's insane.

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1 hour ago, rideforever said:

Underneath it all society has broken down because of the huge forces that have taken over ... Corporate law and Corporate power and Public Relations Science and the Internet.  The combined effect has been to destroy the permaculture society and replace it with monolithic monoculture ... this is exceptionally destructive in all parts of society.

I have almost never heard any politician challenge corporate power.  It's insane.

Hear hear.

(out of likes)

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3 minutes ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

The GLOBAL HEALTH COUNCIL currently has a black female President, whose advisory Council is an all female affair. So much for gender equality. Feminism and female intuition is a key element of the Ruling Elite's New Age movement. 



Total bigoted patriarchy for thousands of years, dominated by the type of twerps of the, "Women shouldn't have the right to vote", mind set  -  then, prejudice allowed to flourish in favour of women.


And the imbalance will always generate ill-feeling. Not much of a surprise, really, is it!

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