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Twisted Sabbatean weirdos


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Man, just reading that Cuties thing it's so obvious the world is fucked beyond repair....


And there are always people who are pushing to make it 10 times worse....


Makes me glad I don't have children and only need protect myself from this shit....


Imagine having children though and basically knowing the world is at constant war with you and them.





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Its war now. We are in a full fledged war these sick cunts are going to ruin everything. 


We are up against a tremendous evil and we have no allies in places of power. And those that are, are cowards. Too scared for their reputations. 


Time to work out and learn hand to hand combat. If we are going down we might as well go down with dignity. 



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I watched the South Park latest episode.

They basically throw it all out there as usual, gaslighting the shit out of you at the same time & telling you they control reality..then drop the (((MOAB))) at the end..coz they can.

How I read it anyways.

Qties v commies..

You telling me this is a cartoon or indoctrination into a twisted society?


Need a vpn for access if live UK.



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On the old topic of Cuties - I fkn hate this bch Anna anyway, but here she is on TYT defending it and calling it a right wing conspiracy yada yada


In the first 10secs


"Conservative's are intentionally pushing a false narrative about a new NF film that actually denounces the hyper-sexualization of young girls..."



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7 hours ago, skitzorat said:

Sorry if off topic - just while the conversation was on Netflix and evils.


Greg Reese








You might be interested in researching the green party and its roots starting in germany. They were and are very sinister and have been trying to legalise peadophilia

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