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I have been meaning to look into these cretins for a while, ever since Bill Gates began his global vaccination agenda, and I kept forgetting because of other distractions such as the george floyd BLM psyop leading to antifa, and all the other crap going on.


Today I figured I would check in on HighImpactVlogs youtube channel and see what's new when I found the following video where he talks about the vaccine topic and those who support it and those who are fighting for their right to not be stuck with a needle by these globalist demons.


That prompted me to start my amateur investigation into the big pharma companies, so I randomly chose the first one that came to mind which was glaxosmithkline, but I will be looking into other big pharma sorcery corporations.


Videos in the following post...

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glaxosmithkline board of directors page. I will be looking into these people to see who they are affiliated with. There is a lot of talk on various forums and social media, idiots for vaccines, and people with common sense to be suspicious of them given the actual evidence behind serious injury and deaths due to vaccines. Anyone still advocating for vaccines at this point I consider mentally ill and ignorant, or they are getting paid and under that fiat currency spell.



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I have my eyes firmly on Trump. My Dad has backed him for a very long time now but it's one of the things we don't see eye tot eye on. He can arrest who ever he wants and all that will still not make me trust him fully. Wasting a few pawns (arresting a few actors or even members of state) to win the game is a big possibility in the coming future.

I will know he is a good guy by only one action.....Saying no to the vaccine!


Anything else and the guy is a double or triple agent. Banging a few A-list actors up and going after the "Deep State" is just another side track to stop the masses of general public (who all have guns) thinking they have no one on their side!  Hand picked for the job just like Borris (they even resemble one another in character somewhat).


If he turns and says" No thank you to the vaccine" for America then I will take all my words back and I may even eat me trilby. Some how I don't think I will have to though. We will see?

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Thanks Sentient Being for that link, she connects a lot of dots, good stuff.


Problem Child, I know, gates is a crazy and his wife is strange, sometimes I think she looks like a man more than a female.


Brad, I'm with you, Trump seems to play both sides, time will tell.

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