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4 minutes ago, scowie said:

There are probably all on his bitchute channel:


Yes, there's more than 500 of them I believe, and they're sorted by date from newest to oldest. The date is on the right side above the video description.

DI's youtube channel was removed on May 2, so everything after that is new content that wasn't on youtube.

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Re: video presentation: David Icke Live: Live At The Oxford Union Debating Society


One thing that greatly impressed me about this particular speaking event of David Icke's, was the fact that he was even invited to speak at the OUDS to begin with! How did he manage that?


Universities, especially elite ones -- it has been said, long ago infiltrated by the philosophy of anti-intellectual industrialists and later by radically progressive propagandists -- are not known for, especially in this day and age, allowing dissenting opinions and so-called controversial knowledge on their campuses. Instead, and with some exceptions, they are expert at churning out unquestioning, if not brainwashed, graduates of the contemptibly politically correct cancel culture, where upon existing these highbrow indoctrination centers they simply trade in one cerebral straightjacket for another. After all, searchers and seekers and independent thinkers seldom enroll in universities.


As I watched this video presentation, I couldn't help but notice that although no one among the audience appeared to be an artificially intelligent automaton, some did appear to me to sit there looking down at the floor, periodically fidgeting, restless, uncomfortable, expressionless, perhaps only half-listening and thinking what was being said as beneath their scholastic snobbishness? Only speculating here.


No doubt there were some in attendance who were receptive to the material, but as one interviewee commented following the presentation, some simply attended close-mindedly, just to be humored.

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