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How to use Ashwagandha powder for anxiety and stress?


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Ayawashka for Anxiety and stress ????  Someone's having a laugh .....


I've taken most drugs ... wrestled daemons single highhandedly ...But I'm too fainthearted to try Ayawashka  ... it's for those who want to vomit their guts up and go on a nightmare journey ..


No drugs will cure  Anxiety and stress ... finding a course of action to alleviate what is causing the concern  is the only solution 


Edit ...opps misread , it's Ashwagandha powder you've got .... I still stand by my last sentence , if there was a cure for stress and anxiety most would be on it .

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start with low dose, 1/4 teaspoon tops, have in between meals to be safe. have twice a day. eventually up to half a teaspoon. pretty smooth stuff. am combining with some more energising things to good effect. 

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34 minutes ago, aronia said:

Thank you.  does tops mean maximum?

yeah. you don't need a lot, i had this and another blend of herb, can't  remember which but used to put it in smoothies, supposed to increase libido too

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Prayer works great to relieve anxiety and stress.


Pray to the Lord. Tell him what is causing your anxiety and stress. Then ask the Lord to take these negative feelings away and give you the strength to live without fear.


Millions of people do this every day. It works for many of them.



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