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Why are we still paying £350 million per week to the E.U.?

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39 minutes ago, numnuts said:


I don't think that any nuclear war would be started with the goal of reducing the world's population. They will do that via vaccines, which will both cause sterilisation and reduce life expectancy. The current world population is estimated to be about 7.5 billion. I believe that they want to reduce the world population to about 2 billion, not 0.5 billion as some people think, which equates to a reduction of about 75%.      

I wouldnt trust their numbers - last census in UK was undertaken by lockheed martin.  Population rates in EU are less than 2.2 which indicates decline and has been for over a decade now. 

Immigration distorts the numbers further and just like coronavirus, would you believe the official numbers? from the official statisticians?

I would guess that numbers are less than 6.5 Billion or even less -  and trusting the damage from decades of vaccines is another leap of faith - we dont know the real numbers - just what is officially published.  imho!

I agree with you on their agenda and the means by which they are trying to implement it!


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Just now, jack121 said:

If they are going to use vaccines to reduce the population, then what happens if i refuse? Will they come to my house with the police / army and forcibly inject me.


You must be some tough hombre, if they would need both the army and police to be empowered to stick a syringe up your Khyber. Fortunately, for them it seems, vaccinations are not yet mandatory. However, if society continues to evolve on a downward trend, as it really has done over the past 20 years or so, then I suspect that vaccinations will either become mandatory or nigh on mandatory during this decade. By nigh on mandatory, I mean it will be incredible hard to meaningfully exist in society, unless you have an up to date vaccination passport.  

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Yes, they are going to make it impossible to buy and sell anything, so no supermarket shopping, no job, no travel, probably unable to leave the house.


More draconian measures to scare the people, who will then rush to the vaccination centres to get their lifesaving jab, crawl out on their hands and knees, shedding great tears of gratitude to the government, gates, who


But what if it does not play out in the way the government wants it to. Went on youtube and did a search for bill gates, did not bother watching the videos, read the comments underneath, WOW! Everyone was hating on gates. Seems to be a lot of awake people. Or is it just the minority making their voice heard.

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On 6/16/2020 at 7:44 AM, jack121 said:

Went on youtube and did a search for bill gates, did not bother watching the videos, read the comments underneath, WOW! Everyone was hating on gates. Seems to be a lot of awake people. Or is it just the minority making their voice heard.


Bill Gates is just a frontman who takes orders. The PTB have purposely directed a lot of negative energy at him, from the general public, so as to take the heat off a lot of the other gits behind the scenes. :classic_wink:


20 hours ago, jack121 said:

Really great to see the devil worshippers of the world getting it.


Aleister Crowley is long dead and his former home was burned down nigh on a year ago. I would suggest that this was probably an insurance job and nothing to do with vigilantes taking on the dark forces of the cosmos. :classic_tongue:



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On 2/13/2021 at 8:40 AM, HerrShultz said:

Italy's Draghi generates enough support to form new government, names physicist and banker among his ministers



Mario Draghi... wasn't he previously quoted as saying, "We will do whatever it takes," ... looks like the same phrase applies here.

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On 6/14/2020 at 6:28 AM, oz93666 said:

Just looked into this .... apparently billions more to pay for many years to come ...




According to a BBC article .... "It was feared that if the government had not agreed to make such payments it would have soured relations with the EU "...


So the UK tax payers didn't have to do this .... British politicians simply agreed to give  away all this money ... https://www.bbc.com/news/51110096


It's because British leading politicians follow rothschild orders , transferring wealth from UK into the EU will make EU less likely to fail ...and the UK more likely to fail ..


And they know the public are out to lunch , and leave such things to the "experts" ...

Some of thats the we have to pay to leave bollox - 


Some of it will be paid to EU departments gradually reducing as the UK takes over functions alone and of course to any remaining joint projects 


A big lump is pension liabillities - for UK MEPs / beaurocrats - which is probably the small amount running out to 2060 odd

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We only joined the EU to destroy it. We used our position and influence to divide it. Why do you think we never accepted the Euro and kept the Pound, we never had any intention of selling out to Europe. Never forget Hitler envisioned a united Europe under the third Reich, we fought against it and always will no matter how it appears.


Rule Britannia, we shall never be slaves.

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