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strange unexplained stuff that has happened to you? please share

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Ghost car.


I am driving along my lane one day (this was in the early 2000's some time), in bright daylight. There are a few little bends on the mile-long lane, but no other lanes or tracks intersecting. The only possible drive-off place is an open farmyard in which any vehicle is clearly visible.


So, I'm coming back from town and driving that lane to get to my house. Traffic is sparse there, and not many cars a day use it. Ahead of me I see an ordinary blue car (can't remember what type or reg. no. , but it certainly wasn't vintage or classic) It was going about the same speed as me, so no problem. I drove behind it at a decent distance  so as not to tailgate it but not too far behind.


There was one slight bend in the road, the blue car took it and I followed.

The car was still in front of me.

The second slight bend came up. The blue car took it and I followed....


...To find NO blue car ahead of me.


The next section of lane was straight, so it couldn't have suddenly speeded up and got out of sight around another bend. It had just disappeared.

And as I mentioned, there were no turn-off places (we had already passed the farm anyway.)

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Brilliant, phosphorescent white light circa 2002.


I got up for a pee in the middle of the night. I didn't turn a light on, as there's usually enough ambient light in my bathroom from the farm lights over the back field.

Did that, then started to go back to bed. There are two bedrooms facing south. Both doors were open to the landing.

I was on the landing (upstairs hall for those who speak USA?) When a brilliant pure phosphorescent white light absoultely filled the rooms, hallway, everything.  It lasted about 2 minutes then died away. (much longer than a lightning flash!)


After that I couldn't sleep. I got a coffee and watched the sky until dawn, but no more light. Obviously not a strange lightning storm.

WTF was that?  I never saw it again and am often up in the night.

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Talking about lights, my dad told me a story about such an event but outdoors.

Dad and mom were travelling late one evening (dark) on a remote paved road quite a few years ago.

He said all of a sudden the sky lit up for as far as he could see like it was day time. It lasted a few seconds then back in the dark as normal. 

The next day it was mentioned in the paper and the report was that it had been witnessed by many and as far as over 100 miles away.


He said they never heard anymore about it from the msm and no explanation was ever brought forward.


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That's well strange, what your Dad and Mom saw, @wideawake

It might be some military exercise going on, or something out of this world? If it was  military it will always be a  mystery because they'll never say.


I asked neighbours when I saw that brilliant light, but people I asked had no idea because they are all asleep at that time.

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