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Term for simulation-believer?


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I believe this is caused with not having arrived here properly and so not having a solid sense of yourself.  This is a failure to incarnate properly, and the loss of opportunity.

The consciousness that is universal attempts to initiate an new soul using the vehicle of a body as a template and instructional device ... but if the society is in bad condition that soul cannot really be nourished or learn and then the consciousness energy does not take root, instead it can leave that body and return to the ocean and the seed is lost.

You have to engage in this world deeply in order to make the soul flower, and then you can say "I Am".  Otherwise what you experience is the flowing in and out of thoughts and feelings and it just seems like a big washy noise washing through you, with no centre ...  a centre is failing to form.

The experiences you gain from the society you live in, if those experiences are more conscious from higher types of people ... they give you a sense of yourself, of belief meaning courage and effort ... this is living.

If those experiences are from degenerate people ... it means that those experiences will be woolly, washy, thin and bullshitty ... and then you become thin and superficial ... this is dying.


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Here are part of the rules for the SimulationTheory reddit:



Contribution to Mental Disorder based Paranoia

Let it be known, that any and all attempts from persons diagnosed or undiagnosed with a mental disorder that involves paranoia as a major symptom shall not attempt to contribute to this paranoia.

Any and All such attempts will be enforced by a permanent ban.

Schizophrenia and Psychosis are real. This Rule is taken with the upmost seriousness.

Suggested that a Visual Illusion or Coincidence is Evidence
Users shall not attempt to suggest that a visual illusion, often referred to as "glitches", they saw is in any way evidence of a possible simulated world.

Even if what you saw was real, we have no way to confirm it, and it is therefore useless.

Is that coincidence just too good to be true? Well, that doesnt prove its evidence for a simulation. Weird things will happen to you in your life, get used to it.

Posts will be removed, continued attempts will be met will temporary bans.


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