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Germ theory thoughts


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What was an evolving medical science, its roots in natural tradition with a new focus on empirical evidence was taken over by the petrochemical industry (rockerfeller) and turned it into pharmaceutical doctrine that was based on chemicals that could be monopolised. He and others of his ilk politicised and monopolised medicine and effectively weaponised it.

Revolving door politics give the medical/chemical/military complex universal monopoly and free reign over all feeding globalism/centricism.


15 hours ago, massivedone said:

I found a very interesting vid about germs etc and made a few notes. Worth it.


Thanks for the link -  Dr Cowan is excellent.

I also include a link to the alternative health library  http://soilandhealth.org/alternative-medicine-by-author/ 

There are a great number of articles and books there many underpinning traditional aspects of medicine. Not all accessible but most are and can be accessed via wayback machine



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