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Facebook verification loop


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Why are you going on facebook.  That shit needs to be boycotted.  These people are directly involved with what's happening in our cities.  They're directly involved in and have been one of the most egregious censors on the internet, deleting posts and whole conversations between people saying anything that contradicts the fascist narrative coming out of CNN.


What you are seeing there is likely the early development of another one of their censorship programs.



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19 hours ago, Stride said:

Anyone else got this? Very annoying


Go on, delete the account. You will feel better for it, denying the surveillance state of free & easy information and no more annoying Facebook stress when it does not work. 




Edward Snowden says Facebook, Amazon and Google engage in 'abuse'

Speaking remotely at Web Summit, Snowden slams big tech companies, saying they make people vulnerable to surveillance.

Nov. 4, 2019

Six years after leaking documents about the National Security Agency's mass surveillance activities, Edward Snowden believes the world is changing. He recognizes that people are more aware of privacy problems and angrier about them than ever, but he still seems to want people to take more time to understand the specific "abuse" being committed against them.

"People are quite frequently mad at the right people for the wrong reasons," he said, speaking via video link at Web Summit in Lisbon on Monday. Snowden hit out at big tech companies, saying they make populations vulnerable by collecting data and allowing it to be accessed by governments.

"These people are engaged in abuse, particularly when you look at Google and Amazon, Facebook and their business model," he said. "And yet every bit of it, they argue, is legal. Whether we're talking about Facebook or the NSA, we have legalized the abuse of the person through the personal."


Full article at https://www.cnet.com/news/edward-snowden-says-facebook-amazon-and-google-engage-in-abuse/



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Been on the internet for 24 years now and never used the mssm for socializing but that article was an interesting read and mentions Paltalk in the list.


Paltalk goes quite a way back developing from an online gamers ingame chat program called Firetalk.


It moved into general socializing and video conferencing but when I last checked many years ago many of the users were into "adult themed" chat.


One channel I went in to (mainly to test a new mic) was one called USA v Muzzies or  something similarly derogatory (around the time of a US war) being run by a loud American with a broad accent and  having trolled politely  through the accompanying text channel he eventually called me a text terrorist. :classic_ninja: He was persistently trying to wind me up to take the mic but I was in no rush which seemed to positively reinforce his ire.


Several people from around the globe had spoken eloquently and as the mic was passed to me I had absolutely no idea what I was going to say. So I looked inside to ask and She said quite fast.


"The war will be over in a few weeks" but "the occupation will last much longer" "over four and a half thousand will die" (during that) and "the 3000th will die on Christmas day" "After 11 years the troops will leave bringing chaos" and just as I was about to say some of that She added "one of the servicemen here (there were quite a few in the channel) would not be coming back"

Which stopped me in my tracks as She knew it would as it was the sort of thing I would not say back then. That's for their commanding officers to say.


Rather stumped I just rather limply said where I was from and my age letting people hear my accent and the next person on said "it's sometimes hard for people to express themselves in public"

He was not wrong there and the 3000th death on Christmas day was astonishing when the papers announced it a few years later.


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