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The lost siblings of Tiberius.


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As many on here are aware, the final Operation Tiberius report (2002) was leaked to The Independent in 2014. However, the subsequent BBC Panorama investigation (2016) made no mention of freemasonry whatsoever, which was identified as a worrying factor both in the original report and in the associated The Independent article. Why not?


Furthermore, Operation Tiberius solely concentrated on North East/East London. It is now well known that similar operations were conducted in the other areas of London. However, none of these other reports have ever been released to the press, even in a redacted form. Why not? Could it be that freemasonry is identified a a worrying factor in all of the said reports? I wonder what was uncovered in the City Of London then. Hmm...



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On 6/18/2020 at 5:00 AM, numnuts said:

One of them looks like Lurch as well. Ha ha ha. I reckon that they would prefer something like this instead. It sounds like Slash on the guitar to me, which is kind of cool. :classic_ninja:


Oops, I am going to have to take that back. It is actually David Hunt, leader of the Hunt Crime Organisation, who looks like Lurch. Not any members of the Clerkenwell Crime Syndicate. Well, not that I know of anyway. :classic_laugh:


Lurch - 'You rang?'

Numnuts - 'Yeah, give me a few kilos of Charlie on tick you stingy fukk! You can't have bloody spent all of that million quid, which Gold and Sullivan lent you, already!'







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