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why is the media fanning the flames?


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1 hour ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

I had to poogle it Nemuri:
In German: Press of lies - once invoked by Nazis.


That's why it triggers them but in actuality it was used in Germany during WWI to counter British propaganda. The Nazis did not invent the word. I used it once on the Guardian comments page and it was taken down in a flash.

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USA and the UK are not the same, yet there appears to be a bit of conflation going on.


Yes, there probably IS a problem with police brutality in the United States.


But I don't think we have anything near the same in the UK.


In the USA, protestors are waving banners saying "defund the police".


In the UK for several years now, many people complain because they feel our police force needs MORE funding (due to 'Tory cuts' and all that).



I have seen figures quoted before, and I've read enough local news stories, to see that where black people have become 'victims of crime' (in other words shot, stabbed or killed) in many cases the perpetrator was also black.


Now I'm not saying that all criminals are black, or that all black people are criminals.


But what I'm seeing is political correctness, and the 'need to be seen as not being racist', is actually leaving our police force hamstrung. Scaling back 'stop and search' in London for example, has led to a rapid rise in knife crime in particular. Black youths have become 'disenfranchised' by a system that perpetually portrays all black people as 'victims', so it is no wonder that they end up associated with gangs, run by people who have no fear of the law, because the police won't touch them for fear of being seen as 'racist'.


What would really make a difference is black people putting down the knives and guns and stop killing each other in petty disputes over drugs, girls or whatever.


Tearing down statues of long-dead people who may have had some involvement with the slave trade hundreds of years ago, what will that actually achieve in practical terms?


Black lives DO matter. But then again, ALL lives matter. What I am utterly sick of seeing and reading about is how "everything is racist", and that blame is being shifted everywhere apart from where it needs to be directed.


United we stand, divided we fall. But people are once again being massively manipulated in a way that makes divisions even wider.

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Please don't call the cabal or MSM "elite", they are not God. They wish they were but they are not and calling them as such get's their rocks off. The word elite is derived from elohim in the hebrew language I believe which means God.


Call them what they are, irrelevant, obsolete.

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15 hours ago, rideforever said:



Why are people corrupt, isn't it that they don't know how to live ... they feel like beggars who have to steal and act in the shadows ... because they don't know how to live, they are not introduced to themselves or real living.  Parasites try to steal some food from themselves with all sorts of tricks.
Isn't that the real reason the big players act like they do ?


seems like a symptom of lowered consciousness 


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Again the media is pushing the narrative that BLM protests are justified and we see sympathetic interviews with band waggon jumping BLM activists giving us their woes and playing on liberal guilt, nice pictures of allegedly peaceful protests with police kneeling to them.


Then on the other side we have the nasty white supremacists/far right fascists supposedly attacking the police and whose only intent is to cause trouble and mayhem.


People are really buying into this clearly one sided propaganda and irony is that the whole situation has been largely created by the media.

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