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This topic is for discussing the "Great Reset" or "Fourth Industrial Revolution" being pushed and promoted by the World Economic Forum et al.



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On 4/27/2021 at 8:37 PM, Mikheil said:

My mother took out an insurance in 1929, when she started work. She religiously paid in every week until she was 60. When she took out the insurance, the cash she would get when she was 60 would be enough to buy a house and still draw enough interest if she invested what was left, to keep her alive until she died.


When she reached 60, the insurance with all the promised bonuses, was enough to pay a mortgage for TWO months.


Savings is a MASSIVE con. Even at a decent interest (which died a long time ago), the devaluation of the money is more than the interest on your savings. Soon any savings that you have will actually be a liability.


Enjoy it whilst you can. Just as an added incentive, think of KRUPP. They started making weapons and other things early in the last millennium. They made millions, but their last son, turned out to be a playboy, so he spent all the money and bankrupted the company. So much for srimping and saving for your children!

This is very sad :(

Similar thing happened to my partner's mum in Poland. She saved for years, for her kids. The economy changed and everything was worth nothing. 

Devastating :(



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That's tragic. Found that last line particularly sad, "keep doing the right thing... wearing face masks and hopefully I'll speak to you in the new year".   It boggles my mind that nearly a y

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Brilliant. Even a technophobe and an economic dunce like me could  understood this.


I have to say that the contents of this video is one of the best I've seen  at showing the pure and utter Evil that is well and truly at play here and that has been in the planning for many many years.


Sadly all those years ago John Lennon clearly got too close to lifting the lid of these psychopathic NWO Billionaire's intentions so much so he was definitely murdered by the elite. 


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People will be the commodities invested in.

Life long investment based upon school scores

Life choices removed

You will be owned and be fucking miserable

Any deviation by the commodity from the investment contract will be punished 



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Did everyone read about the Caribbean island volcano where they wouldn't rescue the unvaccinated?


Klaus Schwab speaks about a cyber pandemic, and there is a trial run going on this July, so it's probably something that will happen.


I wonder if they will cut us off from everything and take all the vaccinated to camps to feed them etc, but leave the unvaccinated to fend for themselves as we are 'unclean'.


I have solar on my house, but the panels turn off when the grid goes down. Wonder how hard it would be to get them working in the event of a cut. I might grab a cb radio off eBay too. They are dirt cheap nowadays.

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The Great Reset is going hard on 5/19


Every 100 year’s a HARD reset - black plague, cholera, spanish flu and now C.O.V.I.D. (Cert. Of. Vac. ID.) 3/11 Covid was a worldwide exercise to provide cover for governments to publicly prepare for the 5/19 storm, getting FEMA and the military in place without alarm. They have been at this shit for centuries and have gotten really good at it.


How would I know? If you know reality is scripted, and you saw how it was done previously 911, 415, 311 ex; Hawaii missile alert 113,311 Fukashima - Boston bombing 415,415 Notre Dame fire. It’s as simple as seeing the numbers they program in movies and TV - address's, clocks/watches, tag #’s, tail #’s, signage and obvious hidden in plain sight stuff. -coincidences-


These numbers can be inverted or mirrored, in any combination. this is not gematria, not a dream I had, It's predictive programming. They mock us!


The 88 symbolism is the key to how I got the 159's, from 9/11/01 to 5/19/21 is 19y 8m 8d's. The 8's are the key (clock face/clockwise) 9:11+8:08=5:19. Each 8 represents the solar / lunar analemma's (analemma is shaped like an 8 in the sky) that cross path's during the 5/26 total lunar eclipse blood moon. finis temporis - 88 outatime. They time most of their spell's to allign with significant astrological events. occult luciferian BS.


America has too many guns for a succesfull NWO invasion so they will divide and conquer. This attack will take all 3 U.S. power grids offline for a 6 month contingency. Bombing us back to the stone age and starting a pre-staged, prefabed civil war. This 5/19 FF is being programmed as an asteroid impact off of the west coast causing the "San Andreas" type earthquake / tsunami.


Currently flooding the zone with people from the south along with the Chaimera's released from the DUMB's. USA-down a quarter. Biden said the quiet parts out loud, Dark Winter, Directive 51 to Build Back Better. Build Back? What .. Remember when the NWO takeover was a conspiracy theory?


check these lyrics out - R.E.M - It's The End Of The World As We Know It – "That's great, it starts with an earthquake, in a government for hire and a combat site, Team by team reporters baffled, trump tethered crop, Left of west and coming in a hurry, Continental drift divide, Mountains sit in a line” -------- Me, I don’t feel fine.

Just found this one ...All 3 of these movies made by the same guy’s; "Get Out" "Us" and "Antebellum". Get out of the U.S. before the war. They made those movies in that order. Belief is the enemy of knowing! I hope I can wake somebody up but everyone is fast asleep. May God Bless us all!

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