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The Great Reset


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for discussing the "Great Reset" or "Fourth Industrial Revolution" being pushed and promoted by the World Economic Forum et al.



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26 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

Yea agreed @Louise Seager

Can also trick the body into repairing itself from being paralysed.

Would totally eliminate all illness in a few years & no need for antibiotics or medicines.

If you are rich enough or have enough social credits..

They already proved how dangerous it can be in the wrong hands with these fast tracked vaccines.

proves they will jump head first into anything.

Just like they have with Franken foods.

Coming from the same megalomaniacs that wish to block out the sun & send out friendly GM Mosquitoes.

Why not just totally redesign man in your desired image.


Again, it's as it was with Jurassic Park and the re-animating of the dinosaurs, "It's not so much whether we could, but whether we should!" (I think I got that quote more or less correct).  Every intelligent civilization probably gets to the point where they develop these kinds of uncharted technologies, it's how they apply them or IF they should apply them, that is a part of the value/merit system of any said civilization.  See how it all pans out....

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2 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

TBH Enig, I still feel great reset is a smokescreen or side show for the Greater Israel rebuilding the AI Quantum temple.

This is how they wish to bring their Mashiach Tetragrammaton.


Its way too obvious & played out.





Yep. I would be very surprised if it wasn't at this point as it all seems to further the temple agenda.

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2 hours ago, Bombadil said:

Tried watching a lot of the videos last night. Discussing stakeholder capitalism etc. EVERYTHING that is being classed as conspiracy by media such as BBC is being discussed openly.


Thats why I have trouble taking this seriously. Its too in your face.


2 hours ago, Bombadil said:

The beeb needs a firing squad for calling the great reset fake news.




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