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Operation Mindcrime

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This whole Album is a Masterpiece guys WAY ahead of it's time. It's from 1989 i believe.

You can listen to this now and it's pretty eerie how well it fits into  the current climate.


Whole album is a complex story from start to end. Please  urge you to stick with it even if you find the music a bit dated and give it a fair go for the full story.  Topics deal with MK ultra, To government and Media Corruption, Communist plan, Disease / Virus /. It's got the lot!     If you haven't heard of these guys before you are in for a treat.




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Hi , I love Queensryche and Operation mindcrime is amazing ahead of it's time,  you should check out Geoff Tates solo  cds 

Operation Mindcrime ,The Key .

Operation Mindcrime ,Resurrection .

Operation Mindcrime , The New Reality .


It's a trilogy and it will blow you away, when I listen to these albums they fit into with what's happening today .

Listen to them in order .

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