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Earth to Face Doomsday Due to Alien Invasion if Multi-National Leadership is Absent

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I quite recently stumbled upon this. It's Randy Cramer, and he talks about a fake Alien invasion. The talk is from the Alien Cosmic Expo 2019.    

Aliens are already running the game here on this planet.

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13 hours ago, motleyhoo said:


We're all taught to be oblivious about what all of our consumption does to the Earth and the vast amount of resources required to keep up this massive consumption.  Right now, there's 2 billion people doing all of the mindless consuming.  The corporations and stock markets want to double this over the next 20 years.


People buy a new house on a 1/4 acre lot, and they have no idea, and probably don't even care that it took 5 acres of resources to build that.  Every new car, new phone, new tablet, new TV, new boat, motorcycle, jetski, the list goes on and on.


Like I said in another post, everyday, hundreds of trucks roll into every city, offloading all manner of resources, pipelines delivering billions of gallons of water, and really the only things that come back out are sewage and garbage.  They take the vast resources from the surrounding countryside, and replace them with garbage.  That's the legacy of today's modern consumer.  Compare what I just said with the Central City in Hunger Games - it's basically the same.



It's messed up. And then when an inventor figures out how to build an engine that produces water as it's exhaust or byproduct, their idea is stolen, buried/hidden, and they end up suicided.


This is one of those things that we need to change moving forward, is our consumption and the byproduct as a result.


I know this is an extreme example but what if we used human waste as fuel for our automobiles as long as the combustion cycle could somehow produce clean water. Or even compost for gardens.

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^^^ Idiot video made by a muddled  christian flat Earther , who believes there are no Aliens ! 


The only way in which the alien arrival will be "faked" is that the ET's  will use many humans from the SSP to pilot the ships , probably attacking humanity 


Many possible variations and scenarios on the drawing board , probably the final plan is not decided on ... ET's decide , humans are puppets in their hands.  

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On 6/9/2020 at 2:22 AM, oz93666 said:


Many oil spills have happened ...biggest was when  sadam husain open the taps in kuwait  it was  the biggest oil spill in history ...2 years latter it was all clean , natural microbes eat it all .... oil is a natural substance made from plankton ....


Fukashima ?? Everyone is living there just as normal .... DI got caught up in the media frenzy said it was the "end of japan " ....radiation heading for west America .... nothing happened all forgotten. 


Carbon monoxide is transformed in catalytic converters which all cars have now 


Plastic in seas ...exaggerated


I'm not saying things are perfect but the media exaggerates it all ...99.99% of planet has no oil slicks or plastic pollution 



And that's what they want ...They want you to welcome corona lockdown ...an end to air travel .... and hopefully many dead humans , it will "help the Earth" ....


All the global warming idiots  love corona ....


Global warming believer greta thunburg applauds the end of global travel 


Oh geez, greta thunberg, lol. Yeah I'm too interested in what she has to say, not because she is a girl but because she is ten or so and being used for an agenda not to help Earth but for other motives.


The fact remains that all of carbon monoxide in catalytic converters is not transformed, the converter gets only so much. If you ever visited Los Angeles CA then you would see nasty thick dense fog of pollution hovering in the air, it's one of the reasons why CA are so strict on modified cars and considered "environmental nazis" or "SMOG nazi's". And this is not from the mainstream media, this is from me visiting there. It also gets pretty bad in Phoenix Arizona where I lived for fifteen years.


Oil does not break down within two years, sorry I have to respectfully disagree with you on that one. The oil that is processed for automobiles is a chemical, and stays on driveways and in soil for years, even damaging animal, plant, and human DNA. It took a lot of work to clean up the exxon valdez and the horizon oil rig disaster and the chemical dispersant used gave a lot of the guys cancer allegedly. I Haven't looked into it for years but I'm sure there are plenty of articles still available on it.


I've spilled way more oil on the ground over a good two decades of wrenching on cars than I care to admit, and to finally realize that it is poisonous crap that we shouldn't be using anymore but since the oil cartel are on the board of the energy industry, clean alternative energy has been held hostage for far too long so that corporations can profit.


As for plastic waste, I don't know if you have been living in a cave but there is a shitload of plastic waste on this planet with many independent websites created by average Joe's and Janes who are concerned.


India has a big problem with litter too.


One website out of thousands:




I never said anything about air travel but that should be looked at also now that you mention it, specifically the chemtrails.


The cigarette butt litter is another one, even leading to congressmen/women in Hawaii to go as far as taxing the hell out of cigarettes to try and curb the problem. Me I would have deployed officers to watch citizens and write them heavy fines for every person caught flicking their butt on the ground. The Earth is not an ashtray. There are still a lot of these selfish litterbugs in the states, I think the lockdown needs to be extended or something, until at least we can put these people on a spaceship and send them into a black hole never to be seen again.


I don't believe in global "warming" but I do believe that humans need to get their shit together and have some respect for this beautiful planet.



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