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Earth to Face Doomsday Due to Alien Invasion if Multi-National Leadership is Absent


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13 hours ago, motleyhoo said:


We're all taught to be oblivious about what all of our consumption does to the Earth and the vast amount of resources required to keep up this massive consumption.  Right now, there's 2 billion people doing all of the mindless consuming.  The corporations and stock markets want to double this over the next 20 years.


People buy a new house on a 1/4 acre lot, and they have no idea, and probably don't even care that it took 5 acres of resources to build that.  Every new car, new phone, new tablet, new TV, new boat, motorcycle, jetski, the list goes on and on.


Like I said in another post, everyday, hundreds of trucks roll into every city, offloading all manner of resources, pipelines delivering billions of gallons of water, and really the only things that come back out are sewage and garbage.  They take the vast resources from the surrounding countryside, and replace them with garbage.  That's the legacy of today's modern consumer.  Compare what I just said with the Central City in Hunger Games - it's basically the same.



It's messed up. And then when an inventor figures out how to build an engine that produces water as it's exhaust or byproduct, their idea is stolen, buried/hidden, and they end up suicided.


This is one of those things that we need to change moving forward, is our consumption and the byproduct as a result.


I know this is an extreme example but what if we used human waste as fuel for our automobiles as long as the combustion cycle could somehow produce clean water. Or even compost for gardens.

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^^^ Idiot video made by a muddled  christian flat Earther , who believes there are no Aliens ! 


The only way in which the alien arrival will be "faked" is that the ET's  will use many humans from the SSP to pilot the ships , probably attacking humanity 


Many possible variations and scenarios on the drawing board , probably the final plan is not decided on ... ET's decide , humans are puppets in their hands.  

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