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JK Rowling- woman v trans


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On 6/7/2020 at 6:55 AM, shadowmoon said:

As David says it is to eventually  blend us with AI & become a species that is neither male nor female.

Even before I knew about Icke, I noticed people who seemed to be comprised of several races.  This tipped me off that this had to be

planned, it was one of those odd things like learning about subliminals in ads & music, illuminati symbology, etc.   Then the "BLM" and other 

ridiculous garbage (I think back then it was ISIS) that only someone thoroughly programmed would pretend to believe.  I think it will even get

worse before it gets better.  Sexless, raceless, low-consciousness, docile cyborgs.  Once they're there, there's no retrieving the human race.

 I think this upsets David more than anything, it does me.  (besides people going along like utter fools) 

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