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Is George Floyd dead or alive?

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13 minutes ago, Dagmar Gross said:

I found the taken-down video with Dr. Winnie Heartstrong on Bitchute, so here it is for you all without searching too far.




Thanks for the link! Interesting, and weird.


"I can't breathe" - yeah right... that's the f-king 666 / covid-19 / 5G bullshit mantra


what a setup!


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Guest A-chan

He was likely a character in this play. The one who allegedly killed him was not an actual police officer (his neighbours of numerous years thought he was a realtor).

Perhaps this was another "live drill"?


It hardly matters now: they have their reaction.

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I don't know what to make of this .... My initial reaction was  "Why would they fake this" ...These sort of killings do happen , with all the phone cameras around it would be filmed ... Certainly the cabal will be ready to exploit it to the maximum. 


After watching the first video , I'm not so sure ... the woman sounds very credible . She says gas prices and car number plates are not consistent , if this is so we can expect other people to get on the case and expose this .... 


Suggesting Floyd is still alive does discredit the truth movement , so that's another reason the cabal may have faked it , knowing it would be exposed ...


One thing fishy about the event was the officer must have known by standers were  filming him , yet he didn't seem to care ...


I'll keep an open mind on whether this event was staged . 

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It is confusing but if you have seen the full video the part when they move him on to the stretcher, they had to hold his head because it was flopping around. It looked pretty real to me and only a person unconscious or dead would so move so loosely like that. If he was awake but faking he would not allow his head to lose all weight because it strains the neck to the point of pain.

Personally I think he passed there on the street.

Which reminds me of this..... (long read)

In high school I was friends with a guy, we'll call him George, and we were part of the rebellious crowd, doing our own thing not really taking authority serious. When we graduated HS we both bought a motorcycle and were always racing around with our other friends who also bought bikes. Often times we ran from the police, it was a fun game for us, cat and mouse.


One day I learnt that his dad was a Chicago police officer and I was surprised, but we still kept up our hooning in the suburbs.

One day I called another friend and learnt that "George" was in a bad accident on his motorcycle. I had a weird feeling which is why I called to ask if everything was ok in the "hood". Like a psychic feeling that something was wrong.

So after I hung up I left work and rode back to the neighborhood where all our friends were gathered talking about what happened.


Long story short, "George" lived, he recovered, it was a long recovery but he did recover, and then a year later I learnt that he went on to take the police test and he passed. I was shocked, very surprised that he would go from the rebel side of civilian to joining the badge who were always running from and making fun of.


A few years went by and I hadn't seen him since I moved away. We somehow contacted each other and decided to get together to catch up which we did. He began telling me all kinds of stories about his life as Chicago PD. He proceeded to tell me how they treat the black people, how one time he had this guy in the back of his squad car and he was calling him a piece of shit.


I was really shocked and actually hurt by that because we had friends of all colors and no one looked at each other like that, we all just respected each other for who we were. So it seemed to me like he had been corrupted by the police force.


We lost contact again but for much longer, like eight years. One day I called him saying hey I'm coming into town let's catch up, and so we met up and this was after my awakening now. We are sitting there talking in this cafe eating lunch and I asked him, so what's the deal with these freemasons.... His body language changed immediately and I could sense a wall went up, he replied, oh that fraternity? Trying to down play it. We talked for a while longer a couple hours about random stuff, then I left. Haven't heard from him since.


My point is that some police officers are much different in their thinking than some of their peers, especially if they have entered into the freemason club where they are taught that everyone who are not a craft member are "profane" or ignorant sheep who don't understand the deep meaning to life, or what they believe it is, and so some of them I get the feeling don't care about taking a life and are actually rewarded for it in some instances.


If this chauvin whats his name police officer actually had a long rap sheet of abuse towards citizens then I wouldn't put it past him to have murdered Floyd right there in the street because in his arrogance he felt like he would get away with it.


Some police are very secretive too, they don't tell people what they do because then they are compromised, depending on the neighborhood or department they are in. If they are a narcotics detective they may need to remain anonymous to the community.


There are so many factors at play but what I saw in the video showed me a man dying on the street, release of his bladder and blood from his nose, no muscle control, calling for his mom! That is a man who believes he is about to die.

All the reference to bricks and freemasonry, Floyd may have been a mason himself and the cop may have had to kill him to be initiated into a lodge, or he may already have been one and had to kill a person in order to rise in rank. Like in Hollywood, many people who are now famous had to kill someone, offer up a soul to satan, in order to become famous. Kanye west allegedly offered up his own mom. Lady gaga allegedly offered up a girl who she was working with in music who actually wrote many of those songs that gaga stole and then made her own. There are many instances of this in the occult world of the dark witches who occupy these industries and organizations and the police force is no differnt.

Take the Orlando FL Pulse nightclub "shooting" for instance, allegedly 49 people killed (4+9=13) and then a week later the police department are making a video fo themselves dancing around the station to Whitney Houston who was murdered via drug overdose in a hotel bath tub! When her closest friends and family said she never used hotel bathtubs because she felt as though they weren't clean. Then her daughter wouldn't keep quiet about her mothers death, she knew it was murder, and so they murdered her too!

This is the weird shit that freemasonry dabble in, they kill off people to rise in ranks and then they have their agents go to work on the internet putting out all kind of disinfo to lead people in circles focusing on BS wasting their time. Meanwhile the US government continue taking our rights away and enforcing new laws like mandatory masks, no sex, mandatory vaccines, etc etc. These dark witches are sinister, ruthless, and they do not like good-hearted people who did not take an oath to their coven.


Sorry for the long read, that story about "George" came to me while listening to that lady.

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All possible,filmed on different days,different actors ,one corpse.

The film of a man with his knee on anothers mans neck is a hard watch.

After I had watched Chris Spiveys take on it,it was much clearer to me that the cop doing the kneeling was doing his best to hold his leg in place,the cops full weight was on the other knee. Watching it again with no sound, the odd body language of the cop made more sense,his hand in his pocket,helping to make that leg more weightless.

   The most compelling thing for me was the oddity of the whole shot,the angle.You are focused to look at nothing but a head on the floor and  the cop. I know when I look at this film now something is not right.

Yet another awful loose, loose situation. I loose if the film is right. Its a shocking bit of footage,but then it would have to be.So was 9/11 in the first day,Boston,Sandy Hook, Christchurch......These awful films shock us,our psychs are repelled. But when the smoke and mirrors clear we see just how awful these films really are. They are not getting any better at them,full of holes. But damage done,mission accomplished

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Well, first of all, let me just say thanks to the OP for linking that video of the doctor. I have saved it to my hard drive, as I have no doubt in my mind that it will be eventually hunted down and destroyed.


Now, as for George Floyd. Well, personally, I'm 99% sure he's dead... But that doesn't mean to say he died at the scene. I'm still leaning towards the fact that this was a deliberate killing, designed to start the protests and riots that we've been seeing (although Chauvin had to be in on it to some degree, so this element does puzzle me). However, it could all be staged. It wouldn't surprise me in the least. However, the reason I'm SO sure that Floyd is dead right now is because, even if it was staged, I don't see a point in the cabal keeping him alive. They're inhuman and don't care about this world or the people in it. So with that being said, I believe they would view keeping floyd alive as being a risk too many, so I'm pretty sure he's dead now.

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