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Inversions. What they say versus what they mean

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On 6/4/2020 at 10:17 PM, kj35 said:

Also eyes see things upside down and your brain decodes it back. So when subliminal pictures are given don't forget your brain switches pictures around. I'm certain it is the same with word inversions 


I head this... so are we actually hanging upside down from the earth like bats?

Now, give that a thought flat earthers.....*a new twist!*

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1 minute ago, kj35 said:

Thank you for PRACTISING  social distancing 



No PRACTICE involved just DO IT.

And What are we actually PRACTISING  for ?

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Just now, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

There are people who I socially distance from and have done for a long time. It's called avoiding dickheads.

I know I am actually enjoying people being civil in shops :-)

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We have a hurricane in the USA they named it IsAsia?


It would be a question, is Asia??? 


If it isnt a coincidence, and is a message, what could it be about??? 

It could very well be something that is said one way but meant another.


Its something, b/c we have had too many "I" storm names. Maybe its not Asia, but something is there. 


*no comment*  The American Institute of Architecture Students

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