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Inversions. What they say versus what they mean

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Fact checkers = Lie enforcers

Women.......when they say   FINE !!!!  

Conspiracy Theorist = Awake, and questions everything.

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On 6/3/2020 at 5:29 PM, kj35 said:






connivance = canivence connive canieve= cain eve, 

corona = coroner , there is no corona,there is no coroner, there is no sun, so nobodies watching so nows the purge, its not covid that's killing them its neglect and bedsores


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On 6/5/2020 at 1:29 AM, 2020member said:

Have you ever looked into the English language (if not all languages) being a complete and utter perversion  of true communication? 

i’ve only encountered snippets from people like jordan maxwell and co. But essentially all animals can communicate at birth and so can we. Yet we’re poisoned with a cancer that directs how we think, feel, speak and express ourselves (a.k.a a false language). 

How many times have you been in a fit of rage, or jumping for joy, or anywhere in between and been “lost for words”?


I think we were designed to communicate telepathically or at the very least extremely conservatively.

in my opinion it’s the biggest deception there is over and above any conspiracy theory there has ever been. Control the language. You control almost every aspect of someone. Because a language is binded with our cognitive functions. Once you hear it. You cannot unhear it.   


I missed this earlier. This is interesting.  Can you start a thread on it ? I don't know Jordan Maxwell so would be interested to learn. Thanks . 


Edit..sorry just seen a few others mention the thread. 

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Causing countless millions of households to play a stupid game with their garbage weekly because politicians are too cowardly to face down the corporate manufacturers of consumer goods and too inefficient to organise a total national recycling system.



Local Government

Letting go of the responsibility to run the country whilst creating a tranche of local fools who can take the blame when things go wrong.  Creating a gravy train of overcharging for the local mafia of suppliers and contractors.

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4 hours ago, kj35 said:

Jordan Maxwell


Language is very interesting and does shape your consciousness; It is a means of remembering consciousness for a nation.

Almost a hundred years ago George Orwell said that the English of people is deteriorating, people no longer make any effort with their language, they use words that come ready made in ready made sentences or ready made ideas ... they no longer have the feeling of painting and developing skill with language but they just grunt a few ideas from others.  They don't bother to speak proper.  It is a sign of descent.

Does not seem likely that telepathy was every more than a niche market, although it is possible with much effort.

Once upon a time all humans lived in the peace of the "dreamtime", in a kind of paradise ... but it is not a Conscious paradise, but a Subconscious paradise.  They were animals and when you are an animal there are not many problems, depression or complaints, you are so much part of the subconscious matrix of life.

To leave the subconscious realm and go up is very difficult.

The rise in consciousness of a people seems to piggyback on economic or cultural growth, and fall when those things fall.


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