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'New' DavidIcke.com homepage

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Well, first of all I'd like to start by giving some praise where it is due, I do like the new design, it looks much 'cleaner' and less cluttered or 'busy' as the old homepage did.


It is still the same website though, with the same content as before. But it has to be said that one of the remarkable things about Wordpress (which I use myself on a number of sites I run and maintain) is how easy it is to 'refresh' a website just by installing a new theme.


Granted, this isn't just using some 'out-of-the-box' theme design, and I can see some work has been done to customise this theme to give it the 'classic' DavidIcke.com look.


But great work guys, it looks decent, and I do personally prefer the more 'clean and uncluttered' look. ?

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yip it's very cool indeed.


but where he is being censored right, left and centre i don't see any logo-links to his existing social media accounts (twitter, insta) which i think should be at the top and bottom.

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