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Google image search "black couples"

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Google and other media are trying to systematically damage traditional white Christian patriarchal society, which is appreciated by their liberal NWO agendas.  Same for Hollywood, why is Sodomy appearing in Disney and Star Trek.

The ordinary thing to do is to round up all the weeds from the field, if not the entire field will be lost.  Which very much seems to be where society is going.

The darkness has no power of its own, it runs like a parasite on what is alive ... the way this works is to turn people against themselves, against what is natural and good.  Once you have tricked a soul to turn against itself then that soul leaks energy ... which is then parasited by the enemy.   A healthy soul has no leaks of energy and is sattvic.  

So, the darkness teaches souls to turn against their body, against their hearts and real feelings so their activities damage the environment, or to hate your parents and ancestors, your culture and the knowledge inside it.  White is taught to turn against white, black to turn against black, men to turn against men and women against themselves.  To hate yourself.  Then society as a whole is leaking vast amounts of energy and the darkness grows.

But the signs are on the wall ... everything wood is replaced by plastic, money that was gold is now plastic (the cheapest possible material), families that stay together are replaced by a collection of freaks, news is replaced by bullshit, and health by cancer, reasoning by aspergers.

Society is going down.

The darkness has no power of its own ... it works by turning you against yourself, against every connection you have to reality ... until you are bound in self-delusion, and all your energy pours of you to feeds the demons.  That is the state of hell.  At some point you cannot be reached any more, and become a vehicle for a new dark normal.  Blackness appears on your arms and legs.


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1 hour ago, Jack said:

basically its just based on keywords.

Most black couples would define themselves as black, however most white couple don't define themselves as white


This is one of the techniques of psy-ops.

They con you by giving you the impression that "a lot of people" have a particular idea.

For instance:
"White people don't think of themselves as white."
"White people when they say they are a couple they mean they are black."
"White people don't defend their country."
"White people leave their money on the street because they are really really smart."
"Everyone knows that white people have sex with alligators."
"Science says that white people should kill themselves."


Once you hear that "everyone knows" ... it reprogrammes something in your subconsciousness.

This kind of thing has been done for thousands of years, it is easier to steal from people if you first convinced them to kill themsleves.

After all "everyone knows".

Young people in particular have little life experience to know that this is evil bullshit.
Many were born in their mobile phone and have been psych-opsed since they were born, they have absolutely no idea what reality is.  2+2 = 3 is just fine for them.   It's a good way to kill whole generations of people by controlling the media.

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Just watch anything on TV now.  Every show has the token gay couple, and every commercial is about mixed race couples.  It's the Marxist destruction of culture, identity, and the nuclear family.  They claim to 'celebrate diversity", but what they really want is everyone looking the same, talking the same, behaving the same, thinking the same, believing the same, because then the entire population will be easy to control like automatons.  Read the Hunger Games books.  This is what the "capital City" is, a place where everyone is wired in to social media, chasing one fad after the other, all controlled by the central govt who tells them what's important and what's not.

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I'm part of an mixed race family-White /Asian I don't care what colour people are. Always found excitement in foreigners, had a love for Swedes many years back. was no agenda on my part apart from to shag the world

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Still think we're ruled by elected representatives? We live in a Google world where virtually all information is controlled by a private company. Anti-trust laws don't apply to them. They are legally immune thanks to Congress. Google cannot be sued for publishing defamatory comments. They should be declared a common carrier and their monopoly broken, but craven politicians in Washington refuse to act.

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Guest A-chan

I thought this was Godlike Productions for a second...

Is it possible for us to not feed into these distractions?

There are many negative programmes against all groups. 

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58 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


Agreed, but that shouldn't need to be said on a site like this, especially at this point.


I was watching some paint dry (literally) and these days you never know when the next DI forum will pop up. :classic_smile:


Far more important topics hereabouts for US citizens at the moment too.

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On 6/2/2020 at 11:49 AM, Jack said:

basically its just based on keywords.

Most black couples would define themselves as black, however most white couple don't define themselves as white

I'm from mixed parentage myself, my mother was a woman, and my dad was a man, but it never affected me that much if I'm honest! I was born through a ceasarean section and that affected me more than most things I think! Not all the time, but if I drive anywhere I always get out of the car via the sun roof, apart from that, I'm perfectly normal! I took my car for a service the other day, and got a right bollocking from the vicar, apparently I was blocking the aisle and they couldn't get past with the collection plate!:classic_rolleyes:

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