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We Are Not Alone!

Dagmar Gross

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On 9/7/2020 at 6:47 PM, Albion said:

I'd agree. We are not alone. Doubt whatevers out their has visited Earth in our lifetime, though. The odds would have to be 000000000000.01% chance.


I made that figure up but you get my drift.




I think you are still thinking in the 3 dimensional way, with linear time and your left brain. These beings don't think that way. I am hoping we will soon be taught more on their way of thinking, as we ascend to the fifth dimension.

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On 9/12/2020 at 5:46 PM, Dagmar Gross said:

I have heard too that there are all sorts everywhere and that this is true as well for Reptilians. It has been proven that some are alright and others are not.  And we have already been told here and there that our energy is what is important. If it is raised high enough, they can't access us. This is what we are meant to do right now: keep our vibrations high most of the time in order to starve the evil beings out there, Reptilians and others, of the low energies they need to exist and that they are reaping from so many of us. Which is why they are keeping humanity in so much fear, anger or hate. To feed off that. The good ones don't need to.


    I think you've vastly misconstrued what I said.

Much love! ❤️

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As above so below, the parasite alien races are also typically referred to as "a virus" by higher dimensionals. 


Parasite races include greys, reptilians, and mantids.


For those that dont get "as above, so below". Like you have an antibody in your body, so to is there an antibody for the parasite reptilians, greys, and mantids. An actual supreme being, a female 5th element. Cain and his datcha are not going to save you. lol :) :) Nor the the two others. I actually met Edmund, as a fairly good looking African American that the virus took control over. Have not met Peter nor have detected him with my ESP. I know Cain (Susan/Emanuel) has a datcha. lol lol :) lol 


They are also known as "planet killers" so its no joke folks, no joke!!!


They infect, they track down Fae beings -- old beings God/Goddess based planets around (4 here on Earth ever made), they use, manipulate, they harvest, and then they look for a new hoste planet. More tricky then just bullets and its this reason bullets alone couldnt save you. 


I am here, Magdalen, and I use this forum. lol lol

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