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3 minutes ago, Moonlight said:

I find this funny that Gareth Icke gave this thread to the webmaster so he gets an impression from the people here ?




At least we didnt post any nudes 


Im glad I saved those for PMs 

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On 6/1/2020 at 6:48 PM, ink said:

From a consideration of moderation ....


I would have liked for all newly registered accounts to NOT be able to post until they have answered three questions.

That the account is NOT active to post until allowed, either by admin or a mod.


The concept of this is simply to stop any 'spam' in it's tracks .... stop any 'bots' .... stop any 'shills' .... and to consider the 'want' or 'reason' for someone making an account?


It also means that the email address MUST be a real account and not just a 'throwaway'!

It must be real and the newly joining member must also be real .... to answer the emailed questions.


It can be simple questions ....

  1. Do you consider that 911 was accomplished as is told by your government?
  2. Is there more to 'you' than just the 'body' or is that it and you die?
  3. Why do you wish to post on this forum?

Now, yes, it means more work for either admin or/and mods .... But it would so much help :)



ooh new photo




Can we add a question "what do you think of David's work, what book films or videos have you read or seen"

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2 minutes ago, MrA said:


Question 4


Can you still laugh at a dirty joke 

do you own a plastic mac and large umbrella to hold off the shitstorms...if not suggest you buy some and wellies (gumboots) 'cos you're going to need them

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If you have any of David's books suggest you buy them in paperback form and stick them down your pants so the spankings don't hurt so much. I believe that's the MAIN reason he made them so thick.

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Can the music video thread, on the new forum and on this very forum before it ends, be limited to only 10 or 15 posts per thread page? Or is it the case that all threads must be tied to the default setting of 25 posts per page? I think that 25 posts per thread page is too high anyway, even if a load of videos haven't been linked to. I think that there should be a maximum of 20 posts per thread page. If I have somehow missed an account forum setting, which I can change myself, then I do apologise for my oversight.

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3 hours ago, alexa said:

 You must have read my mind KN, I was just going to ask the very same thing!

lol, great minds and all that. ?


It took me 20+ years  before I started actively posting in a DI forum, and withing 2 months it all disappeared. I can't be arsed to start posting regularly again if it looks like it can all disappear forever in the blink of an eye.  Hopefully the new fangled forum will address these issues, however my optimism has waned in recent weeks and there hasn't been much information as to what's going on. 

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