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Like hearing your sibling sing when you had believed them dead

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To explain the nature of it....


Heilung means healing, and it's the final message of this show.

When you look through the set and the translations behind the lyrics, it's about a peaceful society being driven to war because their enemy only speaks the language of the sword.

But during the conflict, their shaman/soothsayer guy reads the bones and discovers the only rune that has significance in the future is 'Ear' ... the 'Grave' or 'Death Incarnate'.

Then, the final song's lyrics are taken from the Merseberg Incantations where Wodan heals a horse's broken leg with a chant of healing.

So the entire show is about healing the world of man from the scars of war, lest we be overtaken by the grave.


There are so very many comments from all around this realm posted in each single 'song' from this performance art.... and all describe the same feeling which is summed up within this comment....


Lamyka L. 6 months ago

Eo! As a Hawaiian woman this made me cry tears of joy to hear the voices of our Indigenous cousins—like hearing your sibling sing when you had believed them dead. Malama Pono, may the Gods bless Heilung.



This is the full performance .... please remember that this is a story, a poem, a telling from the past ....


Remember, that we all are brothers

All people, beasts, trees and stone and wind

We all descend from the one great being

That was always there

Before people lived and named it

Before the first seed sprouted



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A short trip to find something I had forgotten....


Why is there a feeling within a particular sound ....... which draws me?


So I looked and this is given ....




hu being a Mongolian root word for "human" ....


Which then lead to something earlier being given .....



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This is the sound ....... the feeling :)


The 'group' is :



Heilung is an experimental folk band made up of members from Denmark, Norway and Germany. Their music is based on texts from artifacts of the Iron Age originated by the Northern European peoples and the Viking Age. They describe their music as "amplified history from early medieval northern Europe". Much of their artistry is derived from Germanic gods and goddesses. "Heilung" is a German word meaning "healing" in English.




Yes this feels right .......  :)




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A cry from ancient spirits begging today's generation to remember who they are


And I always wondered where @muir went every so often lol ....
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Posted by solowrist ....




Above is a still image taken from the French  supernatural thriller Black Spot that is currently showing on Netflix.

It is well worth getting into and sits very nicely with the content of this thread.

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A love song ....






4 months ago


For those who want to know what the chant says, here's the traditional English translation of it. It's the spirit of the dead witch blessing her son before a quest. Look up "Groa's Spell" for more context.



Then first I will chant thee


 the charm oft-tried,


That Rani taught to Rind;


From the shoulder whate'er


 mislikes thee shake,


For helper thyself shalt thou have.




Then next I will chant thee,


 if needs thou must travel,


And wander a purposeless way:


The bolts of Urth


 shall on every side


Be thy guards on the road thou goest.




Then third I will chant thee,


 if threatening streams


The danger of death shall bring:


Yet to Hel shall turn


 both Horn and Ruth,


And before thee the waters shall fail.




Then fourth I will chant thee,


 if come thy foes


On the gallows-way against thee:


Into thine hands


 shall their hearts be given,


And peace shall the warriors wish.




Then fifth I will chant thee,


 if fetters perchance


Shall bind thy bending limbs:


O'er thy thighs do I chant


 a loosening-charm,


And the lock is burst from the limbs,


And the fetters fall from the feet.




Then sixth I will chant thee,


 if storms on the sea


Have might unknown to man:


Yet never shall wind


 or wave do harm,


And calm is the course of thy boat.




Then seventh I chant thee,


 if frost shall seek


To kill thee on lofty crags:


The fatal cold


 shall not grip thy flesh,


And whole thy body shall be.




Then eighth will I chant thee,


 if ever by night


Thou shalt wander on murky ways:


Yet never the curse


 of a Christian woman


From the dead shall do thee harm.




Then ninth will I chant thee,


 if needs thou must strive


With a warlike giant in words:


Thy heart good store


 of wit shall have,


And thy mouth of words full wise.


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  • 10 months later...

I recently posted 2 Heilung events in the music section. 

I see this here now. 

I seem to remember this being discussed in the pre-May-hack forum. 

Thanks for this forgotten thread. 

BC  :0)


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