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If you are struggling to post a new topic while the forum layouts are being worked on. And you have tried just keeping the first block of text in your new topic simple - no links no videos no music and that still doesn't work.


Then perhaps post here your thread name and what you want it for and some of the accounts who are able to create still could set it off for you. 


I Don't know what will happen if anything looks dodgy (subjectively) or weird so we could just tag a mod or flag for advice if that happens (although I think all or most of the trolls and shills have been weeded out but you never know).

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I've had this issue for about 5 days now and kj35 was kind enough to start a topic off for me.

None of the above worked for me and I've even changed to a new password since but to no avail.

To others having the same issue....It's just one of those things and there appears to be quite a few in the same position so....it's nothing personal:classic_smile: 

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2 hours ago, kj35 said:

unless it is deliberate mods in which case please delete 


I know that it is not .... so all fine.


Gareth has told me that all is still on course for the new forum opening on the 1st June (Monday) ....fingers crossed :)


Lets just weather the current shit storm till then.

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