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Practical Tips and Suggestions for Surviving


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Our fear is very rational but the public did all start to grow veg in the last great depression on the land they had in the end. These  people where from a differnent generation but they was still human after all. When the hard times kicked in then it was the pooest areas of the City that reported people clubbing together to help one another out the most in regards to food shortages.


The controllers used the drought in the last depression and created the dust bowels ofthe  Southern Plains in the US. If this happens again which seems very likely then who cares where you are growing because it just won't grow! There will be nothing to steal from your land but dust regardless of your postcode. They are going to choke the food supply and we all know that. We are helpless in regards to the weather and all the planning in the World won't help you there. One cold snap in the night at the start of June or a heavy wind in the middle of May (like last year) and you lose the lot. This is a mindset thing. Digging in and smashing humans over the head with baseball bats at this stage being in your thoughts is playing into the controllers hands. Gifting seeds is the opposite however. One is fear based and one is love based.



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Just now, Lore said:

So Oz... you are advocating fear-based reactions; running away, hiding in a concrete bunker, protecting yourself and harming anyone who comes near you, what kind of person would want to survive in a world like that? It sounds exactly like the archonic world most of us are trying to prevent.


Fear is not in my reality ... Fear is removed when your situation is secure ...Your  life is not in danger ...


Everyone has to move forward from where they are at the present , do what they can to preserve and protect the life of themselves and any who depend on them ,


If you have an alternative plan , lets here it .

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5 minutes ago, oz93666 said:


No sweat ... Stay put Brad ... resourceful people can survive anywhere ...


Build a couple of taser light sabers ... train the kids how to use them , and they can  protect your food stockpile from the Marauding Mutant Zombies ...It'll be like a game to them , they've played  it all before a dozen times on their X-Box ...


I almost sorry I won't be there ...I'll miss the adventure .


Bang on with the Xbox Oz. That made me chuckle. If ever there was a reason to go remote it would be the Xbox in my house.

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1 minute ago, Lore said:

 Sharing with our neighbours, taking care of each other, bartering and working together to get through whatever comes our way is the best way forward and also the best way of preventing 'anti-social behaviour' locally.


That does sound the ideal solution , I hope it works out .... I've always been a loner , antisocial  ,but  that's my problem ...


And so I find myself here with GF and one dog  , nearest neighbor 300 meters away ...very comfortable and secure , watching the drama unfold from a distance ... I suspect I would have retired here anyway even if the cabal weren't moving  on humanity  ... UK is not a place to grow old in . 

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I do think you have a strong posistion by being where you are and if I had the choice then I would be abroard. I wanted to up and leave to Grenada and was training in air con this year so I could make the jump. My friend out there is having a hard time now though. They competely  shut the suppermarket chains down except for weekends at the start. It would not take long before anyone growing food has there supply stolen from them.

Thailand is beautifull and the people are equally as nice on the whole there.I train in Muay Thai and have done for near on a decade and through this also know just how cheap life can be out there. They put toddlers in the ring for money which is something even the most greedy arseholls of London would shun. It goes back to what I was saying to there being nowhere safe and that it is really a mindset thing in the end.


The best method of survival is to not let these evil controllers/cabal to beat us mentally and spritually. I wish everyone on here the best of luck in these very strange times.

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51 minutes ago, Brad the lad said:

I hear you mate but sometimes things ain't staight forward and more so when kids are involved. I could up and go remote but I still need to have something to trade to survive (in the UK anyway). I went round and round for weeks with this one and that is where the stress came from.


I totally understand your situation. I've wanted to get out of the city for twenty years but family and work issues prevented it from happening full time until 3 years ago. It requires a lot of planning and effort. This is why I mentioned at the beginning of the thread that we don't live in an ideal world, and that everyone should just do what they see fit given their own circumstances.


26 minutes ago, Brad the lad said:

Our fear is very rational but the public did all start to grow veg in the last great depression on the land they had in the end. These  people where from a differnent generation but they was still human after all. When the hard times kicked in then it was the pooest areas of the City that reported people clubbing together to help one another out the most in regards to food shortages.


Unfortunately that was heading for a hundred years ago and the world has changed drastically since. 

People in general are way more selfish now. Having been conditioned by social media and MSM it's all about the "ME".

There are people living in apartments for years within touching distance of their neighbours and don't even know their names. 

If you trip in the street there would probably be more trying to video you to post on social media than there would be helping you up.

It's sad but true, we've been conditioned to think only of ourselves IMO .

I hope I'm wrong and people will re-learn how to help each other out in adversity, but somehow I doubt it.


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Giving people seeds may be admirable but they need to know what to do with them or otherwise it's a wasted exercise.

As I said I've been at this 3 years now and I've probably had more failures than successes. It's a steep learning curve.

As an example, a few weeks ago I planted over 80 seeds in seed trays in a polytunnel. A couple of weeks on and the shoots were emerging and I thought "great, a few more weeks and I can plant them out".

A day or two later and I checked on them again...... Apart from a few dying stalks they were all gone, eaten by slugs!

Lesson learned: Do not leave seed trays on the floor of a polytunnel where slugs can feast on them.

I've had quite a few lessons like that in those three years!

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  • 1 month later...

Our beloved Vernon Coleman offers some practical suggestions for surviving the Plandemic including: moving out of cities; becoming as self sufficient as possible; stocking up on food, water and medicine; moving relatives out of care homes; home schooling children; keeping vehicles topped up with fuel; buying a bicycle; and also preparing for potential problems with utilities including electricity and water.



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"We are in a war."


Personally 5 years ago I because learning qigong and bought some instructional material that I learnt carefully, and now am at a high standard and do 2+hrs a day.  Hopefully I will never need a doctor again.


Dedicated meditation practice in Soto Zen style or from Goenka's instructions are ideal.  These traditions are straightforward, have clear no-bullshit instructions and practice formats and they get results.  I would learn how and continue until the end of your life, doing ever more and quickening your journey.


Learn to cook rapidly and effectively with simple most vegetarian food.  Often I cook only once and eat from that pot for the rest of the day.


Ancient grains are much preferable to wheat which a severely damaged crop.  All food products that are very popular are extremely damaged, they come from extremely degenerated soil and pumped full of additives and poisons because the plants are weak ... and the animals like cows and pigs are full of disease. Therefore it is better to avoid tomatos, wheat, potatos, cow and pig.


Meat-wise I have found that lamb / sheep / goat are the cleanest.  Certainly they are less popular than the above two.   Farmers like cows because there are many products from them.  And pigs are a mixed species so a bit dodgy and they eat faeces.   But lamb/sheep/goat seems by far the best to eat.


Bowels-wise I have found that putting linseed in everything helps a smooth digestion.  Also if you know what's good for you then you will learn how to squat when you defecate.  This is important because sitting on the Western throne is highly damaging for the large intestine.  Squatting everything comes out in about 2 minutes effortlessly due to the position and it empties the asending/descending colon.  On the throne you are in totally the wrong position so have to push squeeze and rock back and forth to get it out ... and the stuff that doesn't get out sits in there for 24 hours and causes disease. 
It's all a laughing matter until it's time for surgery as you get older.


Also pay attention to your teeth because bad teeth => bad physical health.  Oral irrigators are quick and effortless.


It is also good to be prepared to die, by practicing through visualisation and so on.


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