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BOOM! Guess Who is Calling the Shots on Human Experimentation?

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Bill Gates's finger prints are all over every aspect of the entire pandemic fraud.  He's literally into every single part of it.  If you look at his history over the last year, he has meetings with all of the authority figures who are running the show, and he has made large donations to many of these organizations and agencies.  Many of these people were part of his Program 201 shenanigans where this entire bullshit scheme was cooked up.  And now he has installed himself as the world's preeminent expert on viruses, vaccines and human health.  It's absurd.


I figured out about a month ago that BG was the actual person behind the pandemic fraud. He's been working on it for years trying to perfect the perfect scheme to brain wash the masses into believing there was a real pandemic.  It all starts at the WHO where he 100's of millions in donations to last year, and the WHO's obviously fraudulent and grossly in error statistics was used to declare a global pandemic, then there's BG's financial ties to the drug companies, that are also closely in line with how the TV media now gets 1/3 of its ad revenue from drug companies.  It's the perfect scheme.

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Polly does good work


I just dont see how we go fron knowing who is a bastard to doing something about it


There has to be both or it just a sadistic game of " this is the guy that beats me black and blue and im going back to live with him because Ive nowhere else to go " 

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57 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

I agree with you MrA. 


We document it we make file.after file about who is doing what and why and then we just sit on it ? 


Or wait for it to get deleted off some.platform or other ? 


I mean sure make a video write a book and scream.from rooftops


But we never put together an effective resistance to it 


We never go for the throat and do a global class action lawsuit against the likes of Bill Gates or even Tony Blair


They get away with maiming and killing millions of people and what happens to them ? 


Nothing as far as I can see



They are openly at war with mankind and we do nothing 


We dont even try and take them down we just gossip about them.basically 


There needs to be a next level to this 

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There would be massive demonstrations all over the US, but what's happening is, the social media companies are blocking, taking down, and censoring all the information and videos about the demonstrations so that most people have no idea others are even demonstrating.  They're all also censoring content from real Nurses and Doctors telling the truth about what a sham the pandemic was and is.


When you realize that all the "new infections" are just positive test kit results from test kits that are not even 50% accurate, and that hospitals all over the country have basically been ordered by higher up to call every sickness and death Covid-19, the whole pandemic falls completely apart.  But, all of this information is being blocked, and the mainstream news media is still reporting that the virus is running rampant even though it isn't and never was.  Sadly, most people are so mind-controlled by herd mentality and today's "look at me" attitude that barely anyone even questions anything anymore.  Whatever the TV and phone tells them to believe that's what they're going to believe and nothing else.


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Like I said yesterday on another thread, there was (allegedly) £30 million in donations for the old man who walked round his garden 100 times, raising money for the prancing nurses. There was only a little over £100K donated to Simon Dolan's crowd funding to challenge the legality of the lock down. The elitists hold all the cards, controlling how the majority of the public perceive reality. Luckily, Dolan's mega rich, and is prepared to stump up the remaining cost of that exercise. It shouldn't come down to money, but it does when you're talking about taking anyone to court.


There was a petition in the States, and one in the UK that 100's of 1000's of people signed, urging our governments to investigate Bill & Melinda Gates for crimes against humanity. I've heard nothing further about either.


I share your frustration, but I just don't know what it's feasible for us to do. I've been trying to think of something for years. 

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The FBI or US armed forces should have already captured gates.


I find it very telling that they have not. State police, Sheriff, local police where he lives, FBI, etc, NONE of them have gone to question him about his vaccine motives and his activities in India and Africa with people turning up paralyzed or dead.

Rockefellers are next in line to be captured. They probably are off planet by now.

Has anyone seen nathanial rothschild in years? The young one....

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Not that I know of, but they're always in the shadows. 


This is why the Q thing is particularly cruel if it's just a psyop.They were supposedly rooting them all out from the top echelons down, and that's exactly what's needed. The top ones are like the hydra - cut a head off, and 2 grow back. The scale of it is overwhelming, and we still probably only know a smattering of truths. 


I almost feel like it would be better to not know, than this - knowing the depths of deceit, and what's on the agenda for us, and not being able to think of what to do to put a stop to it.

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I don't understand why it all has to be so secret.  I've been hearing for almost 3 years now that many thousands of black hats are being arrested and charged, and yet nary a shred of evidence that anything of the sort is actually happening.  Instead, we have a fake pandemic, based solely on fraud and lies, and all the same players, the top black hats are still there dolling out the directives and proclamations.  The entire news media is right there in tow, yelling their narratives of pure fear and lies through there techno megaphones, and not a single dissension within the group.  I don't get it.


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