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Local lock downs scam


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Notice local lock downs were mentioned in yesterday's speech.... 'particularly towns like barrow in furness' 


Strange part is the day before barrow in furness had a large protest to expose the media and police of cover ups involving grooming.  


We do have a high 'covid ratio' but that's because our hospital began their BS tests first. 


Seems strange to me. 


Please help spread awareness and research #Justiceforelliewilliams


Ellie has exposed the lies and has been exposed to lethal torture and rape yet she is the one in prison.  



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That's a good point, Makthadon - but by good, I mean blood-chilling really. So, displease our 'leaders' by speaking against their sins, and feel their wrath by way of further house arrest and destruction of local economies - that's clearly the threat.


I signed the petition on the boards here for Ellie yesterday.


Let's hope the Dolan court case against the Government finds their lock-down directive to be illegal.




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Yeah seems like will be an ongoing thing. I wonder if all the towns that go into it the lock downs are the ones that start protesting ? 


Definitely something to look out for at the very least 

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Yes, for 'local lockdowns' read that as "curfew zones".


And 'viral outbreaks' is a nice convenient excuse to force people into their homes, and arrest anyone who dares be out in the street.


Once again, switch the word "protect" with "control" and things make much more sense.

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