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George Floyd Pig state/psyop? ​?

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On 4/8/2021 at 4:15 PM, Woodsman said:

Interesting video on David Icke Website about this (hope was OK to post here)




Yeah, that's an interesting one. Your link didn't format.

I posted it too, but there seems to be some kind of ignoring effort going on here, and burying with trivial nonsense...I guess they can't help themselves


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The truth is... if this guy was white he would have been cut off & rabidly attacked by the woke as a white supremacist.


its nothing to do with race, but divide & rule as always & agenda aka polytrix.


We have had a knife epidemic in the UK for several years black on black crime or black on white crime..media never talk about this. So theres definitely some racism going on alright.



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George Floyd Pig state/psyop? ?


Another thing, making it all about institutionalised racism with the police, when its about police state & drug war misery,  prison injustice system. Which both Kamala & Biden are up to their necks with, like the rest of the Dixiecrats wolf in sheeps clothing.

Yet BLM were attacking & blaming Trump.



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The left have politicised race. They've no idea of the best they've unleashed. BLM means Black Power. Think about those words. If they sound like the romantic calls of a long standing struggle then hear them this way, white power.


Equality, nope. Racial equality, nope, equity, gender, nope, political, definitely not. Its about power, pure and simple and power always divides for to have power something else must be under your power.


I've little faith in these false flag political movements, because thats what they are, posing as some racial or gender equality for morality sake.


I don't think it will end with peace and justice for all.

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Guest Gone Fishing...

Alex 'Bellend' Belfield is a twat but this video is a Gem.

The BBC ask the wrong person to talk about Floyd / BLM etc...
Officer Tatum - black ex-cop tells it like it really is :O)


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On 5/27/2020 at 7:05 AM, oddsnsods said:

This George Floyds death just seems far to surreal. Like an execution.


Something about it & the timing, along with all the deliberate left right divide right on Cue.


Doesnt surprise me the Police would do this tho.


Order out of Chaos.



Honestly, it was not just floyd..he became the marter...but there was plenty of other factors involved in pushing the chaos that ensued..they just needed something to rally behind..a sacrifice of sorts..

-sorry this is trivial..I just do not have much to say about the whole thing after all this time except that it's nonesense..

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I grappled with a question recently but I think I may have stumbled upon the answer.


The question involved the seeming contradiction between the NWO agenda & its characteristic police state and the recent 'defund the police' movements that are in large part funded by globalists. Is the latter not counter-intuitive on the part of the one-percenters?


It was not until I stumbled upon a little news notice of a soon-to-be published book that it was all clarified for me.


Brandon Tatum is the name of the author. The book is titled: Beaten Black and Blue: Being a Black Cop in an America Under Seige.


The book apparently delves into various stats, such as how in the U.S. unarmed whites are shot and killed by police twice as much as unarmed blacks, and how the majority of homicides and other crimes are committed by black offenders.


As I read the snippet the author Vince Everett Ellison came to mind, whose book I reviewed elsewhere on this forum. Tatum, as with Ellison, is also strong in his opinion that black Americans ought to exit the Democratic Party. (The movement Tatum co-founded dedicated to working towards this is playfully dubbed 'BLEXIT'.)


But what caught my attention was what the author had to say about the 'defund the police' movement. According to this former police officer, the agenda has to do with the transference of police power over to the government. Once federalized, he says, unconstitutional mandates will be more easily enforceable.

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