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George Floyd Pig state/psyop? ​?

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16 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:



I predicted earlier in this thread that this was one of the purposes of the protests being triggered, so that they could ban them prior to the vaccinations commencing. 


I reckon we should bury them under many 100's of 1,000's of hand written refusals re the vaccine. An avalanche of mail, each one also demanding a written reply.

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2 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


I predicted earlier in this thread that this was one of the purposes of the protests being triggered, so that they could ban them prior to the vaccinations commencing. 


I reckon we should bury them under many 100's of 1,000's of hand written refusals re the vaccine. An avalanche of mail, each one also demanding a written reply.


Been saying the social distancing crap is to stifle protests all along, especially since the Landing AI tech vid.



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3 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:

There was a thread of hundreds of  comments exposing the deception of the murder of Jo Cox on the original DIF.


Yes there was .... but it is 101 pages at 20 posts per page!


So I haven't the time to post all the links to the cached pages :(


Here is page 1 ....




and here is page 97 .... which is a cache taken on the 05/03/2020




Now .... and I have seen this myself .... they are deleting from view all and any cached pages of the 'social' forum (the just hacked one .... I held many links to cached pages .... and they are GONE) .... so I expect that the 'old' forum pages will soon also be gone.


Burning books and thus changing the past.


If you want the thread, then you will have to go and save it!

I haven't the time.


Be well :)


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6 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

Three NYPD Officers "Intentionally Poisoned" With Bleach At Manhattan Shake Shack; Company Responds






Police sources said the case has been deemed unintentional after it appeared that whatever cleaning solution was used on the shake machine wasn’t rinsed off enough.



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$35 million was donated to BLM - correction, the Minnesota Freedom Fund. Now people are kicking off about what's happening with it as only $200K was spent on bailing out violent thugs. The Tweets are disappearing and changing even while I've been trying to post this.

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2 hours ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

I wonder how the stereotypes came about in the first place.  




There are " concerned " groups in Canada demanding to know why the RCMP do not keep race related statistics on Police encounters


They are suggesting its been that way so the police can cover up their abuses of " racialized " ( yes thats a word in Canada ) people 


Truth is , it was concerned groups who pressured them into stopping the practice in the first place because they said it lead to racial profiling


As in , the police began concentrating their efforts in high crime areas which also happened to correlate to the data they had on race 


So the practice was banned as it was deemed racist 


But apparently the ever wise now think its racist not to have it like that 


Cant win with the irrational 


They are adept at twisting any set of figures into their ideological frame work and coming out the other end with the confirmation of bias they began with 

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"" New York City Public Schools have taken the opportunity of the protests surrounding George Floyd’s murder to teach fourth graders about systemic racism and white privilege. But for the children who are either immigrants themselves or the children of immigrants—which is much of the class—and for my son who is the only white kid in the class, this was not a lesson that decreases racism, but one that verges on instilling it. ""



We have a communism problem 

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5 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:
 and got high marks for.


Hitler wanted to build a navy because America was building a huge military machine, to do that he needed Poland, the odessa ship building, he made it clear in mein kampf the threat from USA that's why the germans were able to take over Europe in six weeks

The poles were keen to have germany, as was chamberlain at the helm, because he promised jobs and a European bank, the Russians saw that as a threat as Odessa is near to Russia, they declared a war with Germany and America did too. therefore Britain did too, The US jews declared war in 1933 against Europe for backing Hitler.

The poles were trained by brits in the battle of Britain, but Chruchill had them testing parachutes and most were thrown out of planes and they died because the chutes didnt open.

Its all in Churchills biography, that I read in 1983 for my o level English essay

In 1939 Hitler he was invited in to Poland, and annexed it to build his navy, The lord of the Admiralty was Churchill, who moved the ships to align with amercas intention to steal and take all asia, remember Vietnam was French, the phillipines were too and Japan saw the thereat that's why they aligned with Germany.

The meinkampf book was banned in the UK, but available in libraries and schools could get it .

The aristorcats went with hitler because his war machine rivalled USa, until he started taking out ethnic groups, not just jews, but medical ill mentally unstable, homosexuals, drug addicts, romany,algerians, turks, Christians, catholics, basically everyone.

That's wen he lsot support, that's why the Queen was found doing Nazi saluteswith her sister and father, 

David her uncle had to resign as king, no more divine rights to rule,makes a mockery of the royal prestige,  because of Churchills insistence he couldn't marry a divorced American JEW. and he was friends with Hitler.


France had the second largest fleet after Britain, which was moved out of the Mediterranean basin as the uboats could take them out as sitting ducks, you need to go to Malta to find that one, The island then had three planes Faith Hope and Charity to defend the island, when it was a major harbour for the british fleet.


They then bombed the French fleet of Algiers at the entrance to the med sea the rest on exbidition was sent to Pearl Harbour in Hawaii, moved from the French Polynesian indo china routes, and the british navy was moved to the east pacific,  picking up its troops from the med down to cape Africa and india, and then built an armada from Russia Irkutsk down to the phillipines and your grand dad who fought in Burma NEVER want to speak about it

They thought they were going to germany and ended up in the pacific.

That's why in 1941 our troops were fighting and building Burma train tracks while the American troops were in the UK for   the build up from 1941 to 1944 in the south of the UK, and why in saving private ryan its all American armaments and cruisers.

More damage was done to fRance in 12 months of fighting by the Yanks and Brits than the sixweeks it took to take the whole of europe

More germans died than all the troops of the US and Brits, but the commonwealth lost millions in the Asia front.



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