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Earth's Magnetic Field is Evolving and Splitting in 2


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South Atlantic Anomaly

It's intensity has been reducing for almost a century, it's getting better rather than worse, the "splitting" is of the anomaly as it weakens perhaps it will split into smaller areas.  (It's not splitting the entire earth field, just that anomaly)




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I can't remember in which episode now, but I saw an interview in the Open Minds series by Regina Meredith on GaiaTV that the Earth seems to be slowing down in its spin.

Also, what Number6 says about the electromagnetic field and a pole flip coming.

I am really not surprised that our planet is so very affected with everything humans are doing to it and all the so very firmly entrenched split opinions on a number of main subjects these days. Subjects like whether the global climate warmup is man-made or not. I do think that human activity has a lot to do with it, even though it might have happened anyway, just not this fast. You can't burn down the world's rainforests and expect it not to affect our climate. And then, of course, there all these large-scale forest fires every year along the North-American western seaboard and in Australia, too., either man-made or natural.

This is where I strongly disagree with David Icke, who thinks destroying our planet's oxygen supply to such an extent and removing the trees that regulate air temperature to such a massive degree doesn't make any significant difference. I say of course it does.

Also, the pollution of the oceans must play an enormous part, as they give us even more oxygen! And perhaps the deposits of oil on the seas' surfaces from all the passing ships hinder oxygen emerging from the water and plankton removing CO2 from the water if it can't get down to it?

Then there is Brexit Yes or No, although mainly in Britain, so over a small area of the planet, although this has been largely replaced by the Covid-19/lock-down Yes or No debates. Perhaps all these strong feelings are influencing the Earth's magnetic field enough too for it to be disrupted? And so very widespread strong fear too?

And the ice-caps are melting faster than expected and even if they are in their usual cycle of melting, this has to warm up the planet's atmosphere too.


So, many factors influencing this great disharmony in our atmosphere...

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