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Thanks Grumpy Owl.  I've been blocked too.  I've tried two different posts; one with a basic Google search link, and the other with a video link - both had introductory text. ?




Interesting, I was able to post that.  Hummm, this is a wee bit frustrating.  I still can't post the video or link I wanted to.  


I wonder if I can post it here...  SUCCESS... below is what was blocked when I tried to post it earlier, it looks like I can make a post and edit it to get my stuff to actually go through.  





Ok so last night I Googled, hypoxia and it autofills "hypoxia from wearing face mask", which is what I wanted to look up anyway.  First search hit:

Web results

It is not true that masks cause hypoxia. This hoax is now viral ...

www.poynter.org › fact-checking › it-is-not-true-that-...

May 14, 2020 - Using face masks will not cause any kind of oxygen deficiency. In reality, hypoxia can only be caused by smoking, inhaling gases, or exposing ...



I have a very solid understanding of engineering (my job) & physics...  In the article the "fact-check" emphasized:


“NO KIND OF FACE MASK WILL CAUSE  HYPOXIA.” And added: “Although it is true that face masks can generate unpleasant sensations, don’t worry, it is normal. Using face masks will not cause any kind of oxygen deficiency. In reality, hypoxia can only be caused by smoking, inhaling gases, or exposing yourself to high elevations — not by using mouthguards, masks, or filters.”



You're telling me that blocking the flow of oxygen to my lungs does not decrease the amount of oxygen in my lungs.  Hummmm.  The sad part is the oxygen deprived people wearing the damn things can't think clearly enough to realize how absurd this is and they can blindly believe that actual science is a hoax.









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