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The Importance of Beauty


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Ahhhh bugger!  tried to like - but out for now - great thread and posts all round.  Love the last Fredrich quote!

Pictures & posts below here from member: enigmaticworld:




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Is the National Trust turning into a national joke? GUY ADAMS investigates how it's sacking art experts, dumbing down stately homes, and is obsessed with PC issues
No, it's not a 'joke'. They are dismantling out heritage as part of the war against our very existence.
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Just now, Captain Falcon said:

"Cover it all up! cover it up immediately! Mustn't inspire the people and make them feel good about themselves!"


They call it "improvements" and "modernisation". I call it evil. I mean how broken and dark do you have to be to go around hiding beauty?


Out of reactions, but I agree!

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3 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

“The modern world will not be punished. It is the punishment.” — Nicolás Gómez Dávila, critic of modernity


I looked up the definition of the word modern, and it says something like "relating to the present time, what is current" etc. Well as far as I can see most of the things that are described as modern, especially in relation to architecture and the like, is just shit. Bland, angular, cold, harsh, uninspiring buildings and such. By describing that stuff as modern, then aren't they saying that beauty and elegance and real art is outdated and the old way of doing things? How can beauty be outdated? It's bullshit.


By that definition, then surely the Sistine Chapel in it's day was modern. The most beautiful buildings in the world were once modern.





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That James Howard Kunstler piece just says to me that previous civilisations were in many ways more advanced than we are now. 


We may in fact be one of if not the most regressed and oppressed civilisations ever to walk the earth.


I believe we'll get back to our true ways, it could take a while but we'll get there.

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