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The Importance of Beauty


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“Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.” John Ray


(John Ray also coined the phrase, "Misery loves company", but the general idea may have originated much earlier with Christopher Marlowe)


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I meditated on the power/ability to perceive beauty and came to a conclusion that animals, flower or a building may be beautiful but it is actually the manifestation of God. And as this guru says, you will need to be able to see even destruction or filth and see beauty in it. This was a teaching I received from one that takes care of realm of death. Once you can see beauty everywhere, you can keep your vibration high and align with the God because that's how (s)he/IT sees it. Everything is perfect, beautiful.




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This is more of a practical example rather than any sort of theoretical treatise...


I spent several hours a couple days out of town recently. On the first day, I didn't really bother with my appearance: scruffy stubble in particular.


I felt like people were very nice, strong eye contact, lots of smiles, lots of people at least acknowledge me in a friendly way just passing by.


On the second day, I was feeling rather cheerful from the previous day. I made an especial effort, shave, a subtle cologne. I thought I looked sharp(-er) and felt like it. 


Oddly, barely anyone acknowledged me. Almost no eye contact, no chit-chat, no smiles, I felt almost totally anonymous and invisible!


Could just be random chance as these are relatively small samples, but I found it interesting that people were so much friendlier when I put so little effort into my appearance!



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