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The Importance of Beauty


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On 5/25/2020 at 7:58 AM, awake said:

This thread reminds me of the movie Equilibrium


With Keanu Reeves.. Yes I've seen and liked it.

But not sure if beauty of soul was much the thought??  I'd have to watch it again or maybe observe something I missed?  Beauty of seeing justice mold (or meld/blend) in higher state to the conscience in an authentic way. That might be it? *just a thought* :) 

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On 10/21/2020 at 2:42 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:



From that to cubism. smh


"Cubism is still the most important art movement for the same reason that John D. is still the most important Rockefeller." - Brad Holland


What did Brad mean by that?


Russian-****** oligarchs circumvent U.S. sanctions by laundering millions through art


'At a Sotheby’s auction that month in New York, the Rotenbergs, who are life-long friends of Russian President Vladimir Putin, paid $6.8 million for 10 works of art, including a cubist still life by Georges Braque and a swirling tableau by Marc Chagall, the report said.'


My spidey senses definitely tingle when uninspired cubist works go for a high price.

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On 4/5/2021 at 12:12 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:

Made this when I was having a bit of a breakdown and pissed recently. Still surprised how it turned out. lol



I'm not surprised your a left and right brain user from the quality of all your posts.

Nice work mate.


There's a fine line between being a genius and a nutter though, even if I do say so myself.

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^ so basically the clip above can be summed up with: 'don't create blank slates'


Humans need roots and if you wipe the slate clean then humans become uprooted and this leads to a form of nihilism


This is seen in the wake of civilisation as it reaches and overtakes indigenous people who then often develop social problems like drink and drug dependency and family disintegration


Humans are not a machine that you just wipe clean. They need to belong. If you wipe the slate clean you will create nihilistic people and a nihilistic culture and that is what Modernism was all about because it was fundamentally shaped by MARXISM which deliberately sought to uproot humanity and create a blank slate and by doing so it makes everything mean nothing....it is the perfect way to destroy someone: to remove everything of meaning from their life because then their life becomes a vacuous prison devoid of any meaning or purpose and life itself becomes meaningless...a kafkaesque void. It is the most evil thing to wish upon someone but it is the game some people are playing with your future

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On 5/25/2020 at 6:24 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:

A new thread about the importance of beauty and the decline in architecture. Why do we often create or build things that are an assault on our senses these days? Why can't people have surroundings that lift their spirits?

those are very interesting questions🤔

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There are the grand architectural and artistic gestures which serve as incredible testaments to vision, technique, will and accomplishment but there is also the small 'vernacular' efforts of the craftsman or woman who uses what they have to hand to create something. It starts as an idea in their head where they see the potential in a space and in a material and then they use that material to create something in that space


When NATURAL materials are used and applied by hand by someone with technique they tend to create something that is pleasing to the eye even though the intent was not artistry but rather to create something that serves a purpose


For example people love to visit the coasts of britain to see the small fishing villages that have a 'charm' that is a pleasing feeling and those places are NOT planned like a marxist new town is, they grow up organically out of people building on the terrain that exists, using local materials in ways that work with local conditions for example in the case of fishing villages to shelter from the elements of the rain and waves that can crash in off the sea.


There is no great artistry in the buildings themselves that don't have any fancy adornments and yet when viewed in their whole as a 'village' they are pleasing not only to the eye but also to interact with as you walk around them


This can work on an even smaller scale for example if you think of the yorkshire dales you will think of rolling fields and dry stone walls which in some cases are many centuries old. The walls were not built to be pieces of 'art' but rather to pen in sheep and perform a particular function.


I have tried to think of a name to give this phenomenon and haven't managed to yet but my missus termed it 'the elegance of efficiency'.


A marxist planner might counter-argue that their stripped back brutalist, concrete towers are performing a task with no adornments but i think why they fail to achieve the same aesthetic qualities is their failure to use natural materials and the exclusion of the craftsman as they only involve the pouring of concrete and no human input in terms of envisioning something in that space out of a finite source of local materials. Something then becomes lost


Beauty then can be created in the small scale by anyone and it doesn't need to be thought of as always the grand works of michaelangelo or wren etc

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I completely agree. We seem to build shit and call it architecture, when in reality it is a cube or a very large rectangle with large windows. It's neither beautiful nor is it eye catching. 


A pertinent question I have, as is asked in the video above, why go to great lengths to build cities such as these in the time period they're built to then completely demolish them? 


We also, if you watch enough of Jon's videos, see amazing buildings from the past that seemingly just have shit built on top of it to seem like we built it. 


Again, viewing the above video, doesn't it strike you as strange that the buildings in these photos not only do they look amazing, but they really do not look like they could be built in such a time period. Especially with such primitive building materials, horses and carts. 


Plus, why would you go to so much expense? How did we have enough builders to make such structures, but a little further into the future we are unable to recreate the same? Why create something so lavish that is beyond the need of the citizenry of the time?


More questions than answers on this topic. 

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